Can Your LED Light Bulbs Do This?

Philips LED Light Bulbs

How long have you been used with your regular light bulb ? Have you thought they couldn’t get any better than they already are?

Philips Light sent over a couple of their latest LED light bulbs over and I had so much fun exploring them. Before, I though I need a special switch to make those fancy light effects like dimming my lights or changing the light color and ambiance. But today, I just need a Philips Light Bulb!

They have three different types of new LED light bulbs:

  1.   Deco Classic LED – A clear bulb available in different colors: blue, red and yellow light. Perfect mood lighting!
  2.   SceneSwitch Color Change LED –  With the flick of the switch the light turns white or yellow light!
  3.   SceneSwitch Three-Step Brightness Change LED  –  This is my favorite as it can change from dim to bright to brightest light with just switching your switch on and off.

These Philips light is now available at your favorite hardware or any store you buy your home needs especially lighting.   I have no idea about the pricing as they were given as free to me.  But I guess price is just a little over than the normal LED bulbs .   I think they are worth it especially if you want to change the mood of your homes using lights. No special installations needed, just the latest Philips light bulbs mentioned above.

You may watch me go silly playing with the latest Philips Light Bulbs in the video below:

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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