Beware Of Eye Twitching

Have you experienced your eyelid twitch involuntarily at an unexpected time more often than not blur your vision? If you are suffering from an eye twitch or eye spasm that may be harmful than your health than you thought it is.

It may be nothing or it could be anything.  Lack of sleep is one of the causes of getting eye spasms. Generally speaking all the stress you put on your eyes especially excessive reading, TV watching or staring at the computer monitor for a prolonged time can also cause this.

It may also be a sign of vitamin deficiency, compressed nerved, an allergic reaction or worst a neurological disorder so better consult your doctor immediately if your eye twitching occurs more often than before.

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  1. it always happen to me. I think i really need to rest my eyes once in a while. Just like now, after a long day at the office, i am still forcing my eyes.

  2. Chronic eye twitching is often an expression of chronic stress. Doing relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation can reduce or eliminate the eye twitch.

    In Chinese medicine, chronic stress primarily affects the Liver (meridian), and one of the classic symptoms can be eye twitches, related to a Chinese pattern of imbalance called “Liver Wind”.

    Other symptoms of Liver imbalances often include digestive problems.

    An evaluation by an acupuncturist can help determine your meridian imbalances and treatment strategies.

    For more information and specific research studies by eye condition on nutrition and vision, go to

  3. Naku Frances Ivy go see a doctor para sure pag masyadong madalas mahirap na.

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