Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss at Beauty Lab

Reverse Baking? My Red Light Collagen Treatmemt by Suaviss at Beauty Lab Experience + A Discount Code For You


Without meaning to sound narcissist people around me started saying I look younger, I look blooming, I look prettier , “Are you in love?”, they ask.

I wish I am in love with someone right now but I’m not. I am in love with my life (inspite of all the bumps along the way) because it throws my way a lot of opportunities of bits of piece of happiness and new discovery. Just like this Red Light Collagen Treatment Therapy by Suaviss at Beauty Lab /Beauty Lab White Manila which I think is one of the main reason for my glowing skin and appearance.

Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss review

It has been a month since my first session and three weeks since my last (looking forward to my next after summer) and a lot of people, including myself have noticed the difference.

While I am not really aiming for a lighter/whiter skin (I am very much happy being Morena/Kayumanggi) I want my skin to stay supple, soft, smooth and young looking. It is my gift for myself to stay young, blooming , stay gorgeous. When I was offered to try out the Red light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss because of its anti-aging purpose I immediately sais yes!

I am sure you have heard that collagen is one of the main reasons that makes skin supple, bouncy and wrinkle free. As we age collagen in our body decreases which causes our skin to look aged and dry. To prevent this we need a lot of intake of collagen and delay the signs of aging as much as we could.

Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss

What happens during a Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss at Beauty Lab? Here’s a glimpse:

Step 1: STRIP

First, they will ask for you to change or rather undress and wear just a robe. They will provide a disposable underwear and that’s all you will wear inside the robe.

Yes, nakedness will happen during the entire treatment.

Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss review
The vanity table and the Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss Machine

After getting undressed , the staff who will be administering the treatment will also ask you to remove all your makeup. They have makeup remover for all types of skin ready in their neat vanity table.

So yes, no makeup look for the entire session! Get confy in your skin in here!

Step 2: SCRUB

Next, you will be asked to lay on their scrubbing room for a whole body scrub. If you have tried a full body scrub before this is just like that except the scrub they use don’t have that abbrasive microbeads you can actually feel being rubbed against your skin. Theirs is soft and smooth like gel but is as and more exfoliating that the scrubs we are used to.

Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss review
Left: Scrubbing room. Right: Dressing/ Undressing Room with Locker

The full body scrub includes the face and a nice shoulder rub!

You can opt out for breast scrubbing , but if you are comfy with someone scrubbing your boobs go ahead, if not you can say no boob scrub. Don’t worry their staff are very professional. Plus if you want an equal skintone up to your singit and underboobs you might want the scrub there. ┬áIt only takes a few seconds and will not get into that very uncomfy level.

After the full body scrubbing and facial, you will be told to rinse yourself (except your face).

Step 3: RUB

After patting yourself dry, the staff will help you put that treatment lotion all over your body. The lotion is a special lotion with sunblock and collagen and all those great skin care ingredients . The lotion is the post scrub and pre-“baking” treatment.

Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss review

Step 4:BAKE

After generously applying the lotion all-oger your body, its time to bake! You will be asked to go inside the Red Light Collagen Treatment machine for a couple of minutes. The number of minutes you get inside the machine depends on your answers on the customer info sheet you signed up before getting a treatment for the first time. In my case I was in the “baking machine” for 15 minutes.

I personally call this machine the reverse baking machine. Compared to what the Caucasians have been doing in the otherside of the planet tanning beds, this one lightens the skin.

Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss at Beauty Lab

Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss review
It is completely safe inside, you can bribg your fone and listen to music or take selfies inside. Closnophoic may find this place scary though. The staff will ask you how are doing inside from time to time until your time is up.
Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss review
You will also have to derobe while inside the machine to get an even collagen treatment. It gets really warm inside. So you might sweat buckets. I did! Don’t worry they will give you cold water after to hydrate.

“Beauty Lab Whitening is a new specialized skin treatment facility perfected in Seoul by South
Korean skin expert Suaviss that uses an innovative skincare technology to stimulate our body’s natural production of this critical protein. Beauty Lab’s services are the most direct and safe way to rejuvenate skin and restore its youthful glow.”

“Skin is noticeably one shade lighter after a single session with the revolutionary R-360 Collagen Machine, and long-lasting skin whitening effects can be achieved after just five sessions. Using a technique called Red Light Collagen therapy, the R-630 represents a safe, non-invasive, and effective way to naturally encourage collagen production in the body. With more collagen, skin becomes noticeably more supple and firm, and can more easily repair itself from environmental damage and the natural effects of aging. Lotions applied before and after the therapy lock in nutrients from the treatment and give the skin a vibrant glow that is 100% natural.


Once your 15 minute in the reverse-baking machine is up, they will give you another bottle of lotion with sunblock to apply all over your body.

What I think of the entire treatment?
I waited a month before posting a review intentionally so I can actually see if there was a difference or not. I also went through two consecutive sessions with a week apart for a purpose. They said the best result will be visible after 12 weeks. I am on my 4th week. So far so good I am happy with my “glowing” look even without makeup and even without a love life.

Beauty Lab is situated in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, and is the first of its kind outside of South Korea. More partner clinics in Malaysia, Thailand, and soon Singapore, are launching in
quick succession as the Suaviss technology sweeps the ASEAN region.

Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss review

To embark on the Beauty Lab skincare and whitening program, clients are invited to speak to their guest service officers face-to-face at their clinic located on the 3rd floor of Bonifacio Stopover.
During this free interview, their officers will create a custom program to meet a client’s specific skin type and needs.

Price list:
Facial Whitening Solution
1 Session
Gold (5 Sessions)
Diamond (8 sessions)

Full Body Whitening Solution
1 Session
Gold (5 Sessions)
Diamond (8 Sessions)

coupon discount Code Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss

Use, mention, show my code BLWEARTH10 when you book to enjoy 10% discount on your treatments and try out the Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss. Call 546-4601 to book your sessions, but walk-ins are also welcome.

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Stay young, stay gorgeous everyone!

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