Emergency First Aid Kits

Nobody can ever tell when or when an emergency will arise.  The only thing we can do is to prepare ourselves with the knowledge and some apparatus to help us survive until the professional help can do their job.  This is what I though after my daughter’s first epileptic seizure attack.  I was unprepared, in panic and completely clueless and unprepared.

I have studied so much about autism and how to handle a child in that spectrum but I was completely ignorant what to do when someone has an epileptic attack. The worst part was I didn’t know how to handle my daughter’s attack.  This was the first and I hope this will be the last.  But just in case I need an emergency first aid kits on hand, especially an oxygen machine.

Although my daughter’s doctor did not recommend this I think it’s necessary to have one in hand because the nurse at the small clinic we took Tasha for her first aid said people loose oxygen on the brain when they have epileptic attack. So as not to create further damage to the brain giving her oxygen is necessary. Therefore, having our own oxygen tank would be a great help for her. I was thinking of a small type oxygen tank, something as small as the divers use.

Aside from the oxygen tank I am contemplating at preparing a ready-to-go bag that has some clothes and hygiene kit that I can grab and go as an emergency arise.

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  1. This is a must for every person. I mean, we cannot predict accidents. At least, we always have these in our reach.

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