I’ll Be Taking A Computer Break

UPDATE: as of  8:30PM Manila time:

I went to St. Lukes hospital and had my hands checked by a general surgeon, Dr.Oscar Mercado, Jr. M.D. General and Cancer Surgery.  He said I am showing symptoms of possible carpal tunnel syndrome so he recommended a 1 week rest of my right hands, the one that was affected and some pain killers (Arcoxia) and medicines/vitamins for the nerves (Polynerve).

Hopefully, it will do and maybe I can also do some physical therapy for my hands he said.  If not worst case be he would need to recommend me for a EMG and much worst a surgery where he will open my wrist and have some nerve pop-out or something like that. Scary.

hand exercises

Dr. Mercado said hopefully meds will work and I should not force my hands for a week and be gentle with them so it will not recur because there are possibilities that it will come back again. Waaaah.  Anyway, in case you are wondering I am typing with my left hands only very very slow.  So wish me luck. So much for my writting jobs for a whole week.  I wanted to inform you more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but I don’t want to stress my hands, I think I’ll just do a video lol.


Last night I felt a sharp pain on my middle finger, forth finger and index finger.  It was not the first time it happened but last night was unbearable so I put on a voltaren cream to relieve the pain. I woke up today with my right hand completely numb and my arms in pain.


I asked a doctor friend where to get checked for carpal tunnel  syndrome and he told me any tertiary hospital like (Makati Med, Capitol and St. Lukes hospital) can do as long as it’s either a general surgeon or a rheumatologist. He also advised me to keep my right hand immobilized.

Carpal syndrome is so scary that the worst case would need an operation, I don’t want to get my right hand operated so for now I will take a blogging leave so as not to abuse my hands.  I may peek once in a while,  twice a day will be the most and once will be the least.

I need my hand, we all do, so please pray for me and hope this is not the worst case and that therapy can cure it not operation.  Thanks all and see you.  Miss my blog already lolz!


  1. naku, i was alarmed, i really need my hands, aside from my ears, my hands are very important for me. So whenever i feel them shaking already. natatakot na ako at nagpapahinga, baka mag ka finger stroke pa. thanks for this info.

  2. Kaya pala hindi ka masyado naguupdate kala ko busy ka lang. Hope your right hands will get back to its old form minus the pain of course. Ang hirap pag hindi ka naka-online, parang di kumpleto ang araw mo. Get well!
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