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Top 5 Ways to Exercise with Your Dog (the Most Fun Exercises!)

If you’ve gone through the trouble of looking for top 5 ways to exercise with your dog, it says a lot about you. For one, it highlights the fact that you don’t want to belong to the overweight segment of the population. Secondly, you’re a loving, responsible pet owner that wants the dog to live a healthy, active life too.

Obesity, whether in humans or dogs, tends to reduce lifespan while also giving rise to heart conditions. In fact, being overweight also causes diabetes, arthritis, and sometimes even cancer.

But before we start discussing the top 5 ways to exercise with your dog, there’s something you should know.

Safety factors for dog and owner workout

When you perform exercises like jogging or running with your dog, it’s important to talk to the vet before the undertaking. This type of physical training is not advisable for puppies since their bones are still developing.

In the same vein, short-legged and flat-nosed dogs are also not fit for a strenuous workout. The former doesn’t require long walks like the larger breeds. And the latter has a difficult time catching their breath.

So it all depends on the breed of your dog. Some breeds respond better to certain types of exercises, while some don’t. In that case, the best way to go about it is to talk to a professional. Only a vet will be able to tell you if it’s safe or not for the dog to work out with you on a daily basis.

If the little creature is suffering from a broken bone, arthritis, or any recent illness, it’s better to avoid exercising with him or her.

But if your furry companion is healthy, there’s no reason why you two shouldn’t go for a run together. However, keep it simple at first. It’s important for the dog to get used to so much physical activity. So be patient and take it slow.

Introduce one exercise at a time and wait for your canine buddy to get accustomed to that sort physical training.

Top 5 Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

#1 Jogging

Pet owners who have dogs with excessive energy should indulge in jogging. No home workouts with your dog beat the joys of running or jogging. But don’t forget to go slow during the initial stage. Make it a point to step out the door at the same hour every day. Eventually, your furry friend will pick up on that and look forward to it with a wagging tail.

Nothing is better than jogging to keep the heart in good shape and condition. So to be able to perform this exercise comfortably, you should get a leash that you can connect to your waist. But this only applies to well-behaved dogs. Otherwise, the naughty creature won’t stop pulling you during the run. And this might lead to serious injuries.

#2 Cycling

Pet owners whose dogs just can’t seem to stop pulling should opt for cycling instead of walking. Biking is an excellent option for canines that have tons of energy left over even after a long walk. These types of dogs love to run. At the same time, you also receive your fair share of physical training.

Did you know that cycling for an hour burns as many as 500 calories? And let’s not forget about building those leg muscles!

And here’s a solution to a common problem. If your girl or boy is fond of chasing squirrels, you can use a device known as Springer. What it does is attach the dog’s leash to the frame of the bike to absorb the force and impact of powerful, sudden tugs.

When you cycle with your dog, what you’re also doing is addressing behavioral issues. When our cute little creatures exercise as much as they should, it stimulates the development of serotonin. And we all know how beneficial this hormone is in aggressive or anxious dogs.

exercise with your dog

#3 Fetch

Every dog exercise program is incomplete without Go Fetch! All you need is a Frisbee, tennis ball, or chew toy. Playing fetch is considered to be the best and most fun way to work out with your pet. And if the dog is fond of retrieving items, then the chances of having more fun are highly likely.

To achieve your physical training goals, you can make the game rigorous and challenging. Indulge in the activity for a stipulated period of time at the same hour every day. This way your dog gets used to the routine and doesn’t forget about it even for a single day.


#4 Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Cold weather is not necessarily a bad thing. Breeds such as St. Bernard and Huskies have DNA that would probably speak SNOW if they could talk. But that doesn’t mean other breeds don’t enjoy the white stuff. With skis or snowshoes, you and your pet can get a fantastic opportunity to perform a low impact yet full body workout.

And that’s not even the best part. The most appealing aspect is the time after the exercise. Imagine curling up by the fire right next to your furry companion. Nothing beats that feeling, am I right?

You can buy snow boots for your dog if there’s excessive snow buildup between the paw pads.

#5 Swimming

American Water Spaniel, Golden Retriever, and Irish Setter are some of the breeds that love water. So if you have a pet that can’t get enough of H20, it’s time to hit the swimming pool .

And I’m pretty sure that you know all about the benefits of swimming even for humans. Swimming with your dog might turn out to be more fun than you can imagine. Also, if you’re planning to make this a part of your pet’s life, then you need the best smelling dog shampoo.

exercise with your dog


So these are the top 5 ways to exercise with your dog. You can get more tips at selfpetcare.com Getting rid of unwanted pounds or staying in shape requires daily exercise. In that sense, a dog can be an excellent motivation.

As a human, you’re able to make healthy food choices and fitness decisions. But a dog depends on you to keep his or her weight in check. So you have all the reasons to exercise with your canine companion. But it’s important to talk to the vet before you decide to do anything.

Do you have any other fun ways that make working out with pets easier? If yes, then please share your tips and ideas in the comments section below.

I hope the article helped in answering all your questions about the topic at hand.

Thank you for reading the post. Your dog and your body will love you for making such an effort!

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Ruby Smith is a passionate pet blogger that shares information about the dog world. Her mission is to educate, inform, and entertain pet owners regarding topics within the arena of pet care and health. She publishes articles to enrich the lives of pets both mentally and physically.


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