There’s A New Boot In Town!

I’ve never been to UK but I always shop at UK.  No, not the UKay-UKay the real UK as in United Kingdom.  I think the sellers from UK are the most reliable so far.  They ship promptly and in good condition.

Mostly the things I shop from UK online is delivered right in my doorstep.  But I guess the Philippine customs changed their ways again and so I had to go to the post office to claim my package.

Here is my latest haul the mid-calf boots which is perfect for the rainy weather. I got this for £7 or $11.5731 or P543.9357 !

This modern midcalf boot is cut slightly wider around the top to provide much-needed leg room, not to mention making jean tucking a breeze.   It’s perfect to wear with a dress, shorts, jeans and leggins.  What an awesome fashion grab ever!

To know more on how you can wear this fabulous piece of footwear head on to

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    @ Edel Sa ebayUK lang mas maganda magshopping dun madaming bago saka magaganda ang mura pa, saka ok mga sellers.

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