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When something is goth it means it’s something old particularly in the Medieval age.  Goth fashion can be similarly linked to the emo and punk look or just think of Frankenstein or Interview with the Vampire. There are so many definitions on what being goth really is, is it the dark clothes and the red lipstick that makes it goth or there’s something more deeper than the clothes.

I found this cool goth wedding entourage pics while browsing for halloween party themes. The bride was wearing a baby pink and black dress, kinda reminded me of the Corpse Bride.   Looking goth looks kinda nice and creepy sometimes but I guess it depends.

What’s being goth anyway?  I bet it’s more than the dark clothing and the bright lips and hair.  There are so many definitions out there that I can source out but I think having a talk with the people from the gothic chat site can enlighten me a bit, if not darken me.  Or maybe just influence my fashion sense a bit?

Sure, why not! I can use some corset and trim down my tummy like this UK Model Ulorin Vex. And her tattoo looks nice!

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  1. oversimplifying here but goth is a subculture whose elements are eclectic and the main movement chronologically rose directly out of the hippie, mod, impressionistic, and punk eras -with influences spanning to even earlier time eras, such as victorian. large facets of this subculture include influential areas of the arts -primarily noticeable in music, fashion, literature, and movies.

    goth faq 101

    elements of emo are somehow linked to goth elements but not the other way around. goth was before emo. goth is **not** emo.

    some might say goth is a music style or a fashion style or a literature style, but goth is a deceptively intricate, diverse, and rich subculture that thrives underground that it is difficult to define in a few sentences.

    i likely made some pitfalls trying to simplify it so it could be understood better(but not fully). for instance, not everybody into the subculture have the same taste in music, fashion, etc. there’s more subculture it than what is immediately seen in the surface. not trying to sound pretentious but just saying there’ll typically be disagreements on definitions and elements of the subculture, which makes it that much challenging for later generations to grasp.

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