Shopaholic Attack

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Shopaholic Attack

The problem with sales and promos is that instead of saving you tend to splurge more because you were psyched buying at a bargain price you also tend to buy more items than just a few.  I went to check the Unarosa Clearance Sale I posted at the FabRecessionista last week and here is my haul. Five blouses and a slacks.

Unarosa Shopping Spree!

I wore the pinkish, purpleish sleeveless blouse with built in fringe bolera during the Hello Kitty Online Bloggers Party and it looks so nice!  I love plains than printed ones because I am so petite I don’t want the prints overpowering me.   The blouses I have very unique but figure flatering cut so I got them.  Price range from P348 and up!

And this very much of a splurge handbag from Guess! How much is it? I’ll never tell it makes me so guilty spending so much for a handbag! This will be the first and the last I hope!

Guess Bag

I feel guilty if I bought something for myself and none for my daughter and so I bought her some toys from Toy Kingdom they are having a sale too.  This Disney Tent is sold at P399 if you buy P500 worth of items on a single purchase.  So aside from that I got her some nice coloring books and shape sorters and stackers. That Pooh Alphabet Log was bought last month and I’ll make a review about it soon.  A really great kids toy that every mom should buy their kid.

Pooh Tent and Alphabet Log

I also got her two pairs of jogging pants and a blouse for her school.

I am no longer guilty but my pocket is empty!  LMAO!

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