Earthlingorgeous Learns Poi Dancing In La Union

After a day of sun, sea and surfing!  We had a nice bonfire party at San Juan Surf Resort/ Billabong Surf School in La Union where I learned the art of Poi dancing.  I am so glad that Fitz was there to do a number for us and offered to teach those interested with the basics.

I’ve seen Rachel Lobangco do this on TV for quite some time now and I was amazed.  I used to think this art came from Hawaii but I was wrong according to an info I got from the internet.

Poi” meaning “ball on a string”isa native dance/workout by the Maori Tirbes of New Zealand. It has been a part their culture for centuries. Men use it to train in preparation for battles and women usePoito attract male partners. They use rocks and strings for their performances.

After a few years fire poi and fabric poi, ribbon poi and glow poi have been created to add more visual entertainment and to minimize rock-inflicted induries.  I heard a lesson per hour cost about P350 but there are some internet resources you check out for free lessons.

Thanks for Teacher Ria/ Yapatoots for the Poi pics and thanks to Fitz my poi mentor. I think I wanna pursue this one too aside from surfing!

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  1. @pehpot ayun andun sa isang post ko about surfing si Luke Landrigan fafable lolz

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