Air Philippines Express Cebu to Manila Flight Delayed

I’m writing this post at the public internet at the Mactan Airport in Cebu at 3:47am because our flight that was supposed to be at 10:15 am got delayed twice.  First because of the bad weather in Manila and second because of the careless staff and crew of Air Philippines Flight 2P937 bound to Manila. (Read complete story here)

Some idiot ground supervisor named Sigfred told us that the delay is not my concern.  Idiot.

Anyway, their baggage compartment accidentally got hit by the stairs they told us and our flight to Manila will be at 5am.

We were given dumb tasteless sandwich from Dunkin Donuts and not even cold water.  The stoopid ground supervisor didn’t even apologize to the passengers.

Inconsiderate Air Philippines staff and never told us what happened until we went hysterical.  We were told to board at 1am only to be asked to alight the plane at 2am.

After the hysterical passengers ganged up on the idiot ground supervisor an announcement was made that we will no longer board that plane and that we will be transferred to a different plane an Airbus 360 at 5am.

The perfect Cebu trip I had , having fun at the Sky Walk and Plantation Bay, was ruined by the inconsiderate stoopid staff of Air Philippines Mactan-Cebu.

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