Sen. Jamby Madrigal And Her Staff Lost My Respect Completely

August 27, 2009.  This issue has blown out of proportion as other bloggers who called themselves “ethical” and “educated” went personal on me by name calling as if they all know what they are talking about.   They are sighting the Jamby for President as parody blog and being one should not be taken seriously.

They are wrong, even if it was meant as satire, I still believe re-posting the nude photos were wrong.  Bashing on my “purity” was definitely uncalled for but because they don’t have any good argument to defend the posting of the photo this was their recourse.

They call me a lone blogger, the only blogger in the world who took offense in that photo posted in a site by a Philippine legislator.   I don’t believe I am alone but there are silent majority out there who cried foul.  So I have a big mouth?  I have my blog and my voice and I use it anyway I can to get rid of the scums in my very own way.  Now tell me, there is something wrong here.  The other bloggers who joined the bandwaggon (mga sawsaw suka) did not see anything wrong in that site but instead do what they do best, name calling.  I say to them, God Bless You!


The blog creator of that Jamby for President in 2010 is undeniably insensitive, inconsiderate, disrespectful person to write yet another foul post aimed at me and other bloggers.

Update: As of August 25, 12:46PM ” That’s what you say and your opinion doesn’t count.”

My reply: Yun ang akala mo, good luck sa’yo!

Update as of August 24, 2009 :  Aside from being unapologetic and removing the offensive pornographic post at Jamby Madrigal for President in 2010 the staff of Jamby Madrigal who replies to her blog comments and created her facebook account is now passing a weak argument at me by hitting me personally as if he or she knows me in person.

Jamby staff reply on August 23 at 6:36am ” I wouldn’t act so pious and holy, especially for someone in YOUR position.”
My reply: what a weak and lame argument you are passing me now… do you even know me? duh…. good luck nalang sa’yo whoever you are … may karma naman eh.
Jamby staff reply on August 24 at 8:03am ” I don’t know you, but people who do know you wouldn’t say you’ve been pure.”
My reply: Oh so who says I’m pure? duh… what weak argument you are going in to… just a sign of your immaturity … and stop using other people here duh just accept what you posted was wrong … sobrang against sa pinaglalaban ng boss mo…

Original post begins here:

Jamby Madrigal for President in 2010?  Boooo!  NO WAY!

I think most of you have heard how inconsiderate was the so called Senator Jamby Madrigal during the funeral of former President Cory Aquino when she desiminated some of her campaign paraphernalia, some buddah beads bearing a picture of her face, well her inconsiderate acts does not end there.

Just recently, someone in plurk mentioned about some pornography posted in the so called blog of Madrigal and her bid to the presidency in 2010, the Jamby Madrigal for President in 2010.  I went to check it out and there it was nude and revealing photographs of actress Mauie Taylor.

I was infuriated and so I went to call her attention on her facebook page. I sent her a private message to tell how distasteful it was of her to post such photos in her website taking note that she coined herself as a proponent of women’s right and an anti-pornography czar and I quote her profile for this:

Jamby Madrigal
Her full name is Maria Ana Consuelo Abad Santos Madrigal. She comes from a family of nation-builders and public servants. As Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations, as well as the Committee on Cultural Communities, she has filed bills that are responsive to the needs of women and youth in the areas of education, juvenile justice, gender equality, and women empowerment. My main thrusts are anti-trafficking and anti-pornography measures to protect the rights of women and children.
This was the message I sent her in August 7, 2009:
whoever you are if you are the real senator jamby madrigal please take a look at the website created for you… it’s so vulgar and so porn…   fire your men or is this within your consent for publicity sake.. I pity you.
This was her or her staff reply on August 15, 2009:
the blogspot site was put up by people who support the idea of Jamby for President. the pictures of a naked Maui Taylor were put there not for pornographic purposes but to show actual proof that this is available on the internet.

I sent a reply the next day telling her or her staff that she should know better.  If the site was meant to boost her Presidency then she should be careful about whatever she post.   If this was meant to show proof that the pornography was available on the internet, she could just have posted the link or keep the evidence for herself and send the evidence to the proper venue.  Since, it was her site that I learned about the naked pics of Mauie Taylor I will suspect that she was the one spreading the photos.

I told them: ” If I know any better baka kayo pa ang mapagbintangan na nagkakalat ng pornograpiya sa ginawa ninyong ito. nakakahiya kayo akala ko ba proponent of womens rights kayo eh bat may ganyan kayo.” Her staff sad reply today was: ” Get a good grammar book and also, there is no such word as EVIDENCES.”

I know my grammar is not perfect but it’s such a lame reply for such a serious issue. So I told her: ” ha nakakatawa kayo so ngayon ung gramar ko pa napaginitan mo engot. sino mas malala yung nagkakalat ng pornography or ung may maling grammar engot”.

If  she runs for president this 2010 election please don’t vote her and I hope Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo learns about this issue and never ever campaign for her again no matter how much she pays her.  Judy Ann’s campaigning for her made her win as Senator I hope if she runs for president Judy Ann will campaign against her so her staff and Madrigal will learn their lesson well.

Anyway, I reported the blog post already since she is still not taking the post or just the nude photos down.    I don’t know what happens about flagging a site but if you can do the same then do so.  If  Madrigal was not made aware of this poor her because her staff is making a fool out of her.

P.S.  Excuse me if I take so much offense in that post.  I am a woman and I am gravely offended.  I have a daugther and I am gravely offended.  If this senator can’t do her job and protect women’s rights as she claimed she do, I am here and my other female blogger friends to do the job. ( All bloggers who take offense in her post repost at will!)


  1. I really think the re-post of the pictures is foul. I guess it’s okay to blog about the incident but to post those nude pics again is not proper anymore. They said it’s a way of showing people that pornography is rampant, and it can etc etc, well they still posted it. If they didn’t post it, wala sanang problema. Pornography is everywhere, it’s one problem that is not easy to solve.

    To quote, the people from the blog said “Whoever she is, doesn’t understand that the same freedom that allows her to write her insipid and trying hard to be sosyal blog is the same freedom that allows us to expose the wrongdoings that happen in society by way of actually posting pictures of the offensive behavior.”

    It’s always about freedom, eh? But don’t you think freedom has its own limit? What gives them the right to post such photos (again)?

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