To Have Tattoo Or Not?

A blogger friend was asking her plurk friends the other about their opinion of women with tattoos.  She was thinking of getting those cute flowery designed tattoo on her back but she think it’s inappropriate for her to get one because of her profession.   I think having  one doesn’t make you less of a person but of course it still depends if you can carry your tattoo well.

Personally I think getting a tattoo is a daring move.  I imagine how painful the procedure is when getting one.  I think it’s like getting a vaccine shot hundreds of times.  But of course that’s just my opinion.  Artistic person would percieve is as making their body a canvass so they just view it as getting an artistically designed scar.  I used to wear fake tattoo on my arms and ankles and I have a box of the same design so when it’s nearly fading I can immediately replace it so it looks new again and almost real. People actually thought they were real and that instead of looking down on me they think I’m such a cool girl.

Anyway she can talk more about tattoo at a tatoo chat room and get more opinion.  Anyway, I’ve heard there are ways to remove a tattoo if you don’t like it anymore but the procedure is more painful than getting it and the scar is the worst after.

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  1. Yung BF ko may 4 na tattoo in different areas of his body, and sabi nya its art daw kc, ako naman Im not against to those people having a tattoo pero kasi para saken our body is a temple of God so we need to take care of it

  2. @ Cher naku where will u have your tattoo? Kwento mo nalang kung masakit ba o hindi . Good luck!

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