Vanity Plates

Have you ever stopped and asked the meaning of the license plates on every car you see? In the U.K. where each number plate has 7 digits, the first two letters corresponds to the region of the country where the car was first registered, then two numbers that corresponds to the age of the car and then three random letters.

However there is an option to have your car registration and license plate personalized and there are a couple of personalized number plates dealers and sellers in the U.K. for this.

They have license plates for him, for her, plates for the boss, for a certain job, or the so called number 1 plates. The 1 TY plate is sold at a whooping £155,000 that is over Php1.3 million! There is also a selection of plates for her or the MI55 (Miss) plates, the MI55 YOU plate is sold for £11150, the MI55 SXY for £27750, MI55 BUT for £5025.

Here in the Philippines a vanity plates cost about Php10,000 to P50,000 each and is only allowed Cars, Sports Utility Vehicles(SUV), Vintage & Collectors, Asian Utility vehicles and Sports Pickup and is valid for 5 years.

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