My Painless Blemish Removal Experience At Bioessence

I didn’t even have to wait for a week before I get the result I was hoping for.  Thanks to Bioessence for the wonderful treatment they did to me.  The embarassing blemish on my face that has been making me less confident for years is now gone forever!

The whole procedure cost P2,800 because I had my whole face done.  It’s worth it because that blemish on my face is growing and it’s bothering me a lot.

This was taken during the painless blemish removal treatment:
Hours after the procedure:
The areas that were treated swelled and there were dark patches like that of a wound. My face was so ugly that I declared myself in hibernation for a week or so if needed. No socialization for me because I don’t want people to see me like this in person.
hours after a laser treatment
hours after a blemish removal laser procedure

There is a little patch of scar where the blemish was prominent before after the patch dried up and flaked away.  The area is still redish and I still feel a little sting. The blemish was embedded on a skin nerve I was told. It was a painless procedure but I felt some stingy sensation because the blemish was kinda big (imagine almost as big as the lense of a cellphone camera).  If I was not able to tolerate the sting, the derma would have injected me a pain killer to numb the pain.  But I am always afraid of needles so I said I can bare the sting.

5 days after a laser treatment
I’ll have my follow-up check-up on Wednesday, to probably give me something to remove the scar marks.    I don’t have a nice photo of me with my “new” face (hehe).  But I’ll see you around and you can take  a close look when we meet.

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