DIY: How To Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home

Three weeks ago, I had a gel polish manicure. I was happy with how gel nail color  dries up fast and how long-wearing it is. It doesn’t chip-off and it will stay on as long as you want it there . The only problem is that if your nails grow fast than the usual, your nail polish will somewhat look weird because the part that has grown will not be covered with gel nail polish.

Being a WAHM who tries to juggle, home, kids, personal and “work” chores at the same time, I really don’t have that much luxury of time to go back to the salon I had it done. So what I did was do a research on how I can remove the gel nail polish at home at my so-called free time (free time can be when the laundry is in the washer, or it’s midnight and the world is asleep).  I found almost the same way to remove gel nail color so I tried the easiest way to do it and I have the material needed for my DIY project.


How to remove gel nail Polish at Home? Here’s how I did it!

How to remove Gel Nail Polish at Home
What you need:

  • Acetone
  • Cotton balls or tissue
  • Aluminum Foil cut into squares
  • Nail cuticle puser
  • Nail cuticle remover
  • Nail brush
  • Hand lotion


How to remove Gel Nail Polish at Home
How to do it?

  1. Soak the cotton balls or tissue in acetone.
  2. Place the soaked cotton balls or tissue on top of the nails.
  3. Wrap it with the aluminum foil.
  4. Wait for 10 minute or when you can no longer bear the inconvenience of your fingernails soaked and wrapped in acetone and foil! (yes your fingers will feel some “pain” because you are soaking it with acetone! it will feel like your fingers are being squeezed too tightly!)
  5. Remove the foil by pulling it off so you can sill put it back if needed.
  6. If the soaking process was done right you will see your gel polish bubble so it will be easier for you to remove it using the nail pusher.
  7. Scrape off the gel polish using the nail pusher and cuticle remover.
  8. Brush off excess and scrape some more if necessary until the polish is completely gone.
  9. Put on hand lotion immediately as not to make your hands super dry!
  10. Viola! 

How to remove Gel Nail Polish at Home
What I think of gel nail polish?

  • I think it is not for me as my nails grow fast and that I easily get tired of a color after a week or so. I like changing my nail color as often as possible so as to be able to use the new nail polishes I get. If you are like me then gel polish is not for you.
  • But if you don’t like to change color as often as me and your nails don’t grow as fast as mine. Then gel polish is for you as it will stay as long as you want it it won’t chip off even when swimming.
  • I also don’t like the fact that I need to go back to the same salon I had it on to take it off because yes it can be a hassle for busy peeps like me so I need to find a way to remove it on my own!

How about you, have you tried using gel polish before? Did you go back to the salon that made your nails to have it removed?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I’ve not tried using gel nail polish before, but reading your post now, I think I won’t try it anymore because like you, my nails grow fast. In case I’m forced to try it, however, I know now how to remove it, thanks to your post!

  2. i’ve tried this before as well back in thailand since it is very cheap! but i had some minor skin reactions. My nails grow so fast as well but I dont worry much since it is very hard but once it took a month already my nails we’re like witch and scary long already so gotta take it off. Now i am trying the stick on 3D nails and work out so well for me. xx

  3. wow that really helps to save your time. i agree with you that the free time – is when it is already midnight where people are already asleep. 😀

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