Kolours Color Recharge Shampoo And Hot Oil Conditioner Review

Color treated hair have the tendency to become dry, dull and sticky so we have to make sure to use products that address all three.

Kolours Color Recharge Shampoo and Hot Oil Conditioner are color care products specifically made for Asian hair.

New Improved Kolours Color Recharge Hot Oil and Shampoo

Product Info

Kolours Brilliant Brown Shampoo has chroma-plus formula that enhances any brown shade without changing its original color making the color stay much longer. Its infused with hydrating system to make the hair soft, manageable, color vibrant and shiny.  Kolours Color Recharge Shampoo is available in  Silky Black,  Brilliant Brown, and Radiant Red.

Kolours Brilliant Brown Hot Oil Conditioner also uses the same chroma-plus formula and infused with UV sunscreen that protects colored hair from sun damage and fading. This gives you the hot oil benefits with regular conditioner use.  Available in  Silky Black,  Brilliant Brown

Kolours Color Recharge Hot Oil and Shampoo

How to use:

  • Massage shampoo into we hair and rinse throughly.
  • After shampooing apply the Hot Oil Conditioner onto hair and scalp and leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

What I think about it:

  • At first I was  bothered that  the color of the shampoo and the conditioner will stain my hands or skin  but I’m glad it didn’t.
  • I love the shower fresh scent it leaves on the hair.
  • I love how it makes my color treated hair soft and shiny and the color vibrant.
  • This product is not a hair dye substitute and it does not guarantee to make your hair color stay brown thinking it will adopt its tint.  Its just made as maintenance treatment for already color treated Asian hair and nothing else.
  • If your roots started to show it means you need to get your hair colored again or have it grow out if you want your natural hair color back.

Do I recommend this product?

Yes.  Its very affordable at nothing over Php120.00 per 100ml bottle its a no-brainer.  You can use the shampoo for a month depending on the lenght of your hair and frequency of use. While the hot oil treatment last for 4 uses (but still depending on your hair length and frequency of use).  I also love the fact that it is specifically made for Asian hair.

vibrant, shiny, soft colored treated hair
I used Kolours Color Recharge Shampoo and Hot Oil during this trip and look how soft, shiny and vibrant my hair color is I wasn’t worrying about my hair color fading under the sun or getting my hair damaged because it has UV protection.

How about you what shampoo and conditioner do you use for your color treated hair?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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  1. Hi, i know this blog has been posted for years but i’d really like to ask where i can buys these products. I can’t find them in SM north or Trinoma. I’m just so sad that this isn’t available anymore. But my hopes are still up. Will appreciate any reply

  2. Hi, i am not the owner of kolours i just blogged about it. Try HBC. Also this post was almost two years ago.

  3. where can we buy kolours black shampoo and conditioner? Pls. be specific with the location cause we’ve been contacting watson and mercury drug branches it’s not available. thank you!!!!

  4. Its available at Watsons, Meron din sha sa Mercury drug, may gift sets silang available.

  5. Where can buy kolours hot oil treatment ang shampoo?thanks.god bless. At sm dasma it not available

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