Home Improvement Loans

If you are a member of Pag-ibig Fund, have contributed about 24 monthly contributions, is presently working and was able to avail of the salary loan before then you are qualified to get a housing loans.

However, if you don’t want to get a housing loan you can avail of their home improvement loans that is equal to 80 percent of your total contributions. If you have an outstanding loan they will deduct the balance of that previous loan to the new loan you are applying for.

Processing will take around 3 days especially if you apply now while the State of Calamity status is still in effect.

Loans are a big relief to those who were hit by the recent calamity in the country, or people having a tough time tracking their spendings  and saving up for the rainy day. Although some feel uncomfortable with owing credit, it’s better if you avail of such loans because there are incidence that some scum-of-the-earth employees of this security agency will take advantage of someone else good record and get the loan you are not using.

I’ve heard a lot of incidence before regarding this the past years especially when they were still doing manual processing of everything. My dad was a victim of such scam, someone used his name to claim a disability benefit, then later on filled for his burial claim. We only found out when I was processing claims for such when he passed away.


  1. Kapag Pagibig member ka, sabi ng iba dapat itake advantage mo yung loan kasi kapag ndi ka ng loan ndi daw lalaki yung maipapahiram nila sayo, i dont kno if its true, pero sa palagay ko depende yun kung ilang years ka nag bayad.

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