My Daughter Wants A Trip To The Beach

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My Daughter Wants A Trip To The Beach

My daughter was scavenging through my files and saw a leaflet of Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel and she looked very interested.  She handed it to me and pointed the clouds, the beach umbrella and the,  deep blue ocean view.

I asked her “you want to go to the beach?”  She laughed and jumped like she was so excited.  I couldn’t stop bug hug her tight and told her. “Soon we will be going to the beach, let”s wait when Tita is here OK?”  The she kissed the leaflet hand it back to me and walked away.

Well, the family already booked a New Year trip to Boracay and although it’s not the Myrtle Beach Hotel my daughter was eying, I’m sure my daughter will still enjoy it, especially the white sand that surrounds the island.   She definitely enjoy all activities we will have there.

We will be staying in one of the resorts at Station 1 and the facilities are as grand as what is available at the condo rooms that can be found at the  Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel

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2 thoughts on “My Daughter Wants A Trip To The Beach

  1. @Ria hey that’s great! see you indeed! 🙂 Text text sa new year! Weeee!

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