Homelife is not boring

Do I get bored spending most time inside?
Do I get bored spending most time inside?
Do I get bored spending most time inside?

No your eyes is not playing games with you, neither is your PC being screwy. I typed that three times for the effect of emphasizing it hah! Somebody asked me this because for the past 14 years of my life, it is just very recent that I hang around home more often than I did.

For someone who was used to the hustle and bustle of city life, more so a media practitioner for more than 9 years, always on the go, squeezing myself in unusual places just to get a scoop, my home or my apartment was just a place to resign after a hectic days work.

After the 2007 elections I rested, I didn’t plan my time away from work (meaning going out every day to commute to work, have some kind of time in and time out) would take me this long though. I was just thinking of two months rest then I’m back to action, the action of being in a rush all the time beating deadlines. I can’t complain though, I don’t miss the 2 hours traffic I have to endure to and fro to work. What I miss the most is being surrounded by people, working with them, goofing with them, talking with them or just be around many people. I’m such a people person, I am happiest when I am around lots.

At home it’s me, my daughter Tasha, my mom and dad and my cat Miming. I take care of my daughter, my pet and two senior citizens. Exciting huh? Well, exciting are the milestones or new tricks my daughter shows me.
Fun are the times when me, my cat and my daughter play chase around the house. If you could only see how Miming leaps and how Tasha giggles so hard when she toss Miming carrying her from her tail (ouch! I know but Miming doesn’t complain and instead chase Tasha and mock bite whatever she can get hold of). I got a kick out of it.

What keeps me occupied at home is my PC, thank God for internet (I can telecommute and chat), Photoshop (I can do tricks with pictures), media player (I can play pirated movies my sis gave me) and online games (chuzzle and mindjolt games, lol no I am not a hardcore gamer!). Then there’s books, I just finished and enjoyed my first read of R.A. Salvatore’s famous Drizzt series Homeland and I am off soon to buy the next one Exile.TV keeps me amused too if mom is not watching her Asiannovela’s or Telenovela at noon and nighttime. I tune in at the Crime and Suspense channel I love all their shows.

House chores keeps me occupied too, sweeping and mopping the floors, wash dishes, laundry, Tasha’s bath. The OC me did a color-coding of my clothes in my walk-in closet (used to be sis Olay’s room but she is rarely here now so her room is my walk-in!)
I go out mostly just to the market, grocery, drugstore or the store next door sometimes, or to go to the mall with Tasha, or to visit sis in her office if she can’t come home after a payday! Or when a friend invites me out because it’s his or her birthday, wedding, baptismal or just got back from abroad (but that is subject to my mom’s mood for the day that I scheduled to go for a night out or day out!)

So do I get bored spending most time inside? Just sometimes, mostly I don’t notice because I pass the time enjoying my computer, I even forget what day is it until someone would remind me. Going out occasionally helps but I think I enjoy being at home, I just miss spending time with other people than my family. But no I don’t complain.

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