Typhoon Ondoy and Sagip Kapamilya

I have no sad story to tell.   I felt so bless to know that while other were cold, hungry and submerged in flood water during typhoon Ondoy‘s devastation my family and I were safe and warm inside our home.   The only inconvenience I had was the intermittent to no internet connection I experienced but that does not compare to what the others were experiencing.

I was aware of what was happening all over Metro Manila because despite my internet was down, I was logged in at Facebook and Plurk via my mobile device.  I was checking and getting updates from my network of friends including  the Facebook page of LopezLink. My heart bled as I heard stories of people crying for help because they were stranded on their roof with no food or dry clothes to keep them warm.

The next morning, when I turned on the television Sunday morning of  Sept. 27, 2009 ABS-CBN has a live telethon on behalf of  Sagip Kapamilya.  Kris Aquino was leading the pack, and was shameless than ever to ask not just the company she endorses but her co-celebrities to donate something in cash or in kind.  Who could ever resist her.

Kris Aquino, Fr Tito Caluag, Tina Monzon-Palma and Piolo Pascual originally uploaded by LopezLink

That’s when mom and I decided to rummage through our closet and got a sack full of clothes for donation.  I also went through my daughters wardrobe and got a luggage full of children’s clothes that I immediately brought to the DSWD headquarters at Batasan Hills, Quezon City that day.  I was saddened to know that they need a lot of volunteers and donations of food, water, and dry clothes, especially for kids who were also a victim of Ondoy’s wrath.

I went to the grocery same day and most of the basic necessity were gone.  People lining up at the ATM machines were telling their sad story, where all their properties were wiped out.

During these trying times I feel so proud to be a Filipino, because despite not having much, our countrymen were able to share and spare time, money and effort to help their countrymen.  Some would even want to become a part of  Sagip Kapamilya Volunteers and I think this question posted in a LopezLink forum about having an after office hours volunteering time is valid.

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