Insurance Questions Answered

Most people here in the Philippines are not keen on getting an insurance.   Some believe they don’t actually need it while some are apprehensive because of the many scams that involved insurance companies lately.  While most are only bound to insurance that are mandatory to employers to certain companies.

I’m sure some of you acquired a life insurance card of about Php 100,000 coverage and even dental insurance that you don’t actually know how to use because your employer or the agent who gave it to you didn’t actually explain it well to you.  But since its either given free who cares right?

There’s so many type of insurance out there like homeowners insurance, life insurance, personal injury insurance, full coverage insurance that you will encounter but because of the many technical terms surrounding it you won’t dare get one for yourself or ask an agent about it.  More often than not insurance agents are very annoying.

If you have questions about all kinds of insurance policies you can go straight to AnswerGator, you will get the straight answers regarding your policy questions, fees, coverage,  and more.   They got you covered and will help you clarify whatever is bothering you about the legal terms.  Their website is easy to navigate and you can hop in one category to another.


  1. Parang last week lng,me and friends were talking about insurance, kc iniisip ko kung kumuha na pla ako 5 years ago dpat na eenjoy ko na xa ngaun. Yung officemate ko kc sbi niya tapos na xa magbayad at pde na nya gamitin anytime… napagicip tuloy ako…

  2. in fairness, noong nag ondoy maraming tao ang nakinabang sa insurance..

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