We Have Been Doing First Aid Wound Treatment Wrongly #MomsUniteAgainstWoundInfection

We Have Been Doing First Aid Wound Treatment Wrongly  #MomsUniteAgainstWoundInfection

What is the first thing you do when you accidentally get wounded?

Douse it with alcohol.



Fucidin First Aid Wound Treatment

While we always thouht alcohol can clean and disinfect all kinds of germs, the kind of bacteria found on wounds during an injury may be imune from it, which either makes the wound infected some more, make it swell and take a long time to heal or worst!

Instead of alcohol, the best first aid treatmemt on any type of wound is to clean it immediately with soap and water.  Cover it with bandage if the cut is deep. But most importantly use an antibacterial cream to prevent any infection. Not just or alcohol first!

This is what I  learned from the Moms Against Wound Infection event held at Ascott Hotel in BGC hosted by Kris Aquino.  I was surprised to learn that washing the wound with water and soap is still the best first aid treatment on wounds.
Fucidin First Aid Wound Treatment

Washing the wounds with water and soap rids it of foreign substances or debris that can cause infection on the affected area.

Instead of alcohol right away, as what we are all used to, it is also essential to apply a topical antibiotic like Fucidin® at the first sign of wound infection.

Fusidic acid/sodium fusidate Fucidin® is a powerful antibiotic that is clinically proven against wound infection. It is fast-acting, working on the infection 2 minutes upon application and deep-penetrating, reaching the skin’s deepest layer 30 minutes after application. It also helps prevent bacteria from spreading.

Fucidin First Aid Wound Treatment
Fucidin® comes in two variants. Fucidin® cream is ideal for exposed parts of the body like the face and hands, while Fucidin® ointment is ideal for dry, scaly or cracked lesions.

Fucidin® is from LEO Pharma, a Danish pharmaceutical company with a mission to help people achieve healthy skin. LEO Pharma is the pioneer in the development of fusidic acid. It has a wide range of products that are marketed in over 100 countries. LEO Pharma has more than 100 years of trusted heritage worldwide.

Fusidic acid/sodium fusidate is the generic name of Fucidin®.  Fucidin® is available in leading drugstores nationwide.

However, if wound seems deep and the first aid seems to not work please immediatelg consult your doctor.

Did you know that Fucidin can also be used to make healing faster for microbladed eyebrows?  Kris Aquino can attest to it as she used it herself.

Fucidin is sold less than Php400 per 500 gram tube and a tube can last for 2 yesrs if unused and 2 months if used.  Also keeping it in a fridge won’t prolong it’s expiry date, once used just count 2 months after tops and discard it after that.

So, have you been doing first aid wound treatment wrongly? Now you know!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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