I was surprised to learn that Push was shown here in the Philippines last February and it wasn’t so popular to think Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans and Camilla Belle stars in the movie and the theme was a crossbreed of X-men and Heroes. Or maybe that is why it wasn’t so popular because the theme is something people already seen and heard.

Anyway, whatever the reasons Push did not make waves here leaves me dumbfounded because I actually liked the film. The effects were good and the editing was outstanding, and a part 2 is not far from happening.

Why did I say the movie is a crossbreed of Heroes and X-men? Well because its about people with special abilities and the government is trying to take advantage of their abilities as weapon. They created a special force called the Division to gather and tag every person with special powers and they experiment with some to create something to enhance their capabilities to the governments advantage. Among the people with special abilities is Dakota Fanning as Casey Holmes a Watcher, which means she has abilities to see the future and Chris Evans as Nick Gant a Push, which means he has the abilities to move things using his mind or Telekinesis. Casey and Evans are out to do something to free their kind from the abuse they are getting from the Division.

It’s a super cool movie something you might want to consider for your DVD or BlueRay movie marathons in case you’ll be having one during the Holidays.

Movie is set in HongKong. An Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller directed by Paul McGuigan for Summit Entertainment.

Other stars in Push are Camilla Belle as Kira Hudson, Djimon Hounsou as Henry Carver, and Ming Na as Emily Hu.

Push Movie Photos


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