Pearl Jewelry For My Nestle Fitnesse Outfit

We haven’t got the clothes yet, that’s not a bad thing.  The PR handling the campaign has bigger plans in stored for us.  Instead of handing over the clothes to us in an awarding ceremony, they wanted an elaborate documentation of the fitting of the clothes , photographing us with it , to the actual handing over of the clothes to us and wear them again in a nice photo shoot of all four of us.

Yesterday we had the first fitting of the clothes and first shoot with them.  It was fun.  I love the Michi Calica dress everything fits well except for the boobs part lol.  So they will have to make me a new dress.

Then the 7FAM jeans, I love it. The fit is just right, snug to the body and the fabric is so light.  I just realized that being a model is a tough job.  Especially modeling jeans. I can’t show you the pics yet until they are ready for release. Sorry.

I’m thinking of purchasing some nice pearl jewelry to match my new clothes and Oriental Pearls has a wide selection of styles and colors that tickles my fancy. What’s great is that I can pay via Paypal and pay less than shopping at a jewelry store since I buy direct.

This pendant looks nice

One thought on “Pearl Jewelry For My Nestle Fitnesse Outfit

  1. These were beautiful earrings. I was very happy with the purchase. Sometimes it is hard to tell on the internet what something will really look like in person, but I was pleasantly surprised by both the quality and the appearance of these earrings. Great value too!

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