Shopping/Dressing Up For The Philippine Winter

Mind you, there’s no such thing as Philippine winter.  We get rain and sun and that’s about it.  How cool or cold it will get in here is relevant to how the locals experience it and is not comparable to winter as experienced in U.S., UK , Canada and other countries who experience the cold and has winter.

However, its funny to see some people get bundled up here in the Philippines like we have winter or its super cold out here.  But like my fashionista friends would say and what the Philippine National Artist for Fashion Ramon Valera said “sacrifice comfort for fashion!

Anyway, here are my finds that are perfect for bundling up for Philippine winter.  Fabrics are light and the jackets/blazers are not lined and they can be used in multi-ways.

Unlined and ultra-light cotton Trench Coat from Forever 21

A multi-wear shawl/vest/cover-up from Kashieca
Button it up and you get a flowy cowlneck cover-up like Kim Kardashian’s

Unlined lightweight synthetic leather jacket from YRYS

Cardigans from Teranova

Multi-way use feather booties from Forever 21

So, are you ready for Philippine winter?

Kashica shawl, Forever21 belt, Penshoppe floral dress, Penshoppe skinny jeans, Forever 21 booties! Sorry I hate my facial expression for this shot so I leave you with a headless shot!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I actually find it ok if people wear bundled winter clothes here, so as long as it’s raining or not deadly hot. Pero it is very funny pag sa ilalim ng araw at naka bonnet and scarf pa..

    cute naman ng photo, but why crop the head part? 🙂

  2. I love to wear cardigans during this season. Btw, I love your outfit! 🙂

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