Year: 2009


Fab Event: 13th National Autism Week

Half a million Filipino families are affected with autism.  Autism is the fastes developmental disability according to a U.S. report and the numbers are growing. One in every 150 child are diagnosed to have some form of autism.Recognizing the gravity of this situation, United Nations (UN) General Assembly declared April 2 of this year and […]


I’m Getting Old

L-R: My bestfriend Christine (eldest), Jonalyn (2nd oldest), Len-len (youngest/bride), Reby-Ann (third), Ruby-Ann(fourth) I attended a wedding this afternoon, the youngest sister of my bestfriend’s wedding to be exact. Being there seeing her little sister getting married made me realize that I am old! Yeah, I didn’t realize my age despite having a seven year […]

Home & Family


Everyone wants financial freedom and everyone would like to start-up their own business. In choosing a business you can either choose to start from scratch or find a bigger company to back you up so the risk will be lower. This route of going into business is more popularly known as franchising. I think this […]


First PMS of the Year

I’m sure you’ve been warned. It’s all there at my sidebar and well if you have been an avid reader who read through my blog since I started you all know this blog is all about the PMSing me. The Holiday’s spirit just got me couple months that’s why you haven’t heard much of complaints […]

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