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Charlie Green’s 13th Birthday

Charlie Green is no longer a boy but a teenager so approach with caution!

Haha! That was what the pin he was wearing last Tuesday, February 16, 2010 during his recording at Amerasian Studios.   It was his 13th Birthday and I was lucky to be invited Mr. Christian de Walden of De Walden Music International to visit his recording studio here in Manila the Amerasian Studios in Quezon City to say my birthday greetings for Charlie.

I brought along my blogger friend Iris of Pinay Ads at his permission and told him she will be my official photographer for the day. LMAO!

He said the best time to be there was between 5:30PM to 6PM but as Filipino time as we can get we got there at 7:05PM and they were all there waiting for our arrival.  So nice of them really.  Iris and I got lost we were given the wrong address!

We thought were gonna eat the cake and spaghetti we bought for Charlie Jollibee Spaghetti  is Charlie Green’s favorite Filipino he said.  We also brought a Red Ribbon Cake and  I gave him the Yahoo! dice that yoddles when bumped. He liked it.

Charlie, Mr. De Walden and the entire family, Mr. Roger Green, Charlie’s dad and their wives were there waiting for us.   We took some photos while A Friend Of Mine was playing on the background, one of the songs that can be found at Charlie Green’s upcoming album.  This song will be recorded with our very own Rachel Ann Go.

Photos with Charlie Green on his 13th Birthday:

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  1. melandriaromero

    wow, so nice naman, grabe kung saan saan ka nalang invited ha. Sama mo naman ako minsan. LOl.

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