My Pre-Valentines Date With Derek Ramsay

I’m here today to make every woman, Okay every Pinay in the planet envious!

I met Derek Ramsay up-close and  in person today and  I was able to see his smile, his abs,  had a feel of his chest, hands and arms and smell his scent for real.   For those who don’t know Derek is  the Cosmo Philippines Centerfold in 2001, 2007 and 2009 and last years Cosmo Philippines cover for their annual hunk bibble.  He is the most sought bachelor in the country today!

He was at the Nestea Fit Camp Hot Bod kick-off event at the Fort Bonifacio Open Field and I was lucky to be at the baggage area the same time he was there and changed to his Red Shirt.  He took-off his shirt right in front of me and I saw his 6-pack abs.

And then he smiled.  I can’t think anymore.  I was like put in a trance and all I can say was:  “Hi Derek, can we have a picture together?”

“Sure”, getting close to me as close as he can and I snapped us a shot.

Derek and Me

We both looked at the shot it was too close and not so nice.  So he suggested : “How about another shot?”

“Sure,” I said as I was trying to get a nice angle and focus he said: ” Would you like me to take our pic instead? (Ako nalang ang kukuha para mas maganda)“.  “Okay!” I said with mega-kilig inside I want to faint haha!


Derek Ramsey and Earthlingorgeous

We both look at the pic and he said “There that’s better“.

Thank you Derek,” I said.

You’re welcome. Been here long?” he asked.

Yeah actually we are about to leave.” I said

“Awww, sayang naman.  Sana pala kaninang maaga pa ako noh? Saka sana nag-shorts nalang ako. (Awww, too bad.  I should have been here earlier.  I should have worn shorts instead.)”

Yeah mainit eh.”  I said.

And then his assistant came and told him to join the rest of the people who were out in the sun playing beach volleyball, beach basketball, frisbee and touch football.

We said our goodbyes and I got my stuff at the baggage counter with a grin on my face.

Ain’t I lucky?  Yes I am This is my Pre-Valentines treat to myself haha!

I’m glad because I don’t need to fight my way into winning a time with Derek via Write Derek contest (details here)or run my way close to him and injure my joints  at the Century Tuna Super Run on February 21, 2010.

Derek Ramsey


  1. Earth bagay pla kau ni Derek noh. 🙂

  2. gosh, he’s so gwapo! kainggit ka naman sis 🙂 and he’s teeth, so nice!

  3. Wow! kaka inggit ka naman! inggit talaga ako sayo… ma swerte kayo dyan kasi malapit kayo sa mga artista. Ako di pa ako nakapagclose up look kahit ni isang artista… huhuhu! Derek Ramsey is so gorgeous talaga!

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