Contest Update #4 Catch-Up With Points

Four days left for everybody’s chance to win $100, $25, $10, $5 and a load full of goodies and we have 50 entries vying for the win.  Among the 50 contestants some remained at 100 points, while 5 bloggers are neck-to-neck to become our top commentator and are gaining hundreds of points (an average 50 points a day!)  Great job guys keep it up!.

To those who haven’t joined yet,  here’s your chance to get in and catch-up with points.  I’m giving away another extra 100 points plus a surprise item (cash and/or gift items and the chance to win the 1st prize of $100) to those who can create a post with the theme:

What’s your SHOE Today? My Seven Heaven On Earth (SHOEs)

SHOEs are 7 things, places, events, items, or people in your life that you appreciate. They can be huge or little things as long as it made you happy, proud, thankful and in a positive mood.

Here’s an elaborate post about the SHOE

Photos are very much encouraged for this post.  (Here’s is a sample post if you are still clueless what SHOE is all about)

After writing the post and publishing it in your blog, come back here and comment with the URL of your SHOE post.

Grab my contest badge and place it in your sidebar and make sure it links back to my homepage, to this post or to, the Come and Get It! Contest Update #3.

Sign-in the contestants spreadsheet (so in case you win I know how to contact you and send your prize over).


Contest Badge


  • The SHOE post is a single post with all the 7 things, event, places, people not one post per SHOE.  You can post your SHOEs in as many blogs as you like but only one post per blog is allowed to be credited 100pts.  You will get 100 pts for every SHOE post you make in different blogs that a have.  However you can write 4 SHOEs in 4 different days starting today until March 21, 2010 and that will give you extra 400pts!
  • Commenting is allowed in all post and each comment is 5 pts each however a spammy comment or a comment for one post with one thought is divided into many comment will not be accepted. (Example of spammy comments: Nice post, great post, I like photo 1, oh forgot I like photo 2 two, where did you buy that? Oh sorry you said it was here).  There’s no limit in how many comments one can post per day.
  • For those who would like to join the side contest one post per two items you like is equal to 25pts if you want all items and make 7 different post that’s equal to 7post x 25pts.
  • The points is equivalent to your raffle entries so the more points you have the more chances you have of winning the $100!
  • I will not use for the raffle, I will use the traditional drawing and will video record the draw for everyone’s satisfaction.
  • The side contests winners will be chosen according to the quality and creativity of the post.
  • I will no longer post the top commentators statistics on my sidebar until the end of the contest period to make it more exciting.


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