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Puerto Princesa Underground River is included in the 28 finalist to become the New Seven Wonders of Nature. The New 7 Wonders of Nature or N7WN are untouched natural wonders which have had no human intervention. Please support our country by voting for Puerto Princesa Underground River. A voter can only vote once for a N7WN but you can vote up to 7 wonders of nature. If you cast your vote during the nominee phases, you can vote again now during this finalist phase.

I’ve been there I can attest that this place deserves to be one of the seven new wonders of nature.   It’s one of the top tourist destination in the Philippines and in the world.   If you want to take a vacation in Palawan make sure to include Puerto Princesa and the Underground River in your travel itenerary.

Here are some photos I took during my 2007 trip in there and I hope will give you enough reasons why you should vote for Puerto Princesa Underground River.

I PERSONALLY TOOK AND OWN ALL THE PHOTOS YOU SEE IN THIS POST and uploaded on my Multiply site. DO NOT STEAL or claim as your own!  I even have a video of all this pic on my slide!

The underground river is located beneath Mt. St. Paul Cathedral.  They said this mountain was named after that famous church in Rome because it resembles it.

They don’t use big boats or heavy machined votes to go inside the river/cave because they don’t want to disturb the millions of bats inhabiting the area and also to preserve nature.

Outside the cave is sea water, inside the cave its fresh water.

Once inside the gave you will be greeted with thousands of awesome rock and karts  formation.

The passenger/tourist will be the one to hold the headlight, spot light, that will serve as the light all throughout the trip.  At this particular trip I was the one holding the light because I was the tiniest and was seated at the front.

It includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers.

No matter how amazing the view inside is, don’t open your mouth while you look up or else!

Puerto Princesa is surrounded by 2 great bodies of water, Sulu Sea on the east and on the west the South China Sea

The river is 8.2 km long and navigating is about 30 minutes.

The river goes deeper in the cave but there areas where you need permit from the local government before you are allowed entry and the trip to travel other terrain than the usual ones will take you more than 2 hours!  This is also the longest underground river in the world as recognized by the UN.


Images lifted from my Multiply Site

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  1. I have never been to Palawan. But if budget permits, I will definitely visit this place plus the white sand beaches. ^_^

  2. The Underground River of Puerto Princesa is one of the finest God-given Nature.

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