Warning: Condoms Are Dangerous To Your Health — CBCP

A Women’s Month interview with Wacky Loco and Earthlingorgeous

Wacky Loco (WL): This month is Women’s Month and with that in mind we decided to talk to my favorite person of all an empowered woman who has come a long way advocating, inspiring, educating and informing women the best way she can. We will ask her some of the controversial issues today we are hearing about women’s rights and the choice of women to conceive or not.

(Turns to EG) Hi! It’s been a long time since our last interview. How have you been?

Earthlingorgeous (EG): I’ve been great. Thank you.

WL: So let’s get to business. It’s women’s month, what is your stand about the Reproductive Health Bill and the latest stand of the Catholic Church about the use of condoms. They said its dangerous to our health. What can you say?

EG: (chuckles) Seriously?

WL: Well yeah it’s in the news right now and article on Spot.Ph said CBCP wants warning labels on condoms, a ban on ads” another one on ABS-CBN News said “ CBCP wants condom ads banned“, and CBCP issued their statement on their website On the Government’s Revitalized Promotion of Condoms. (CBCP- Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines)

They want to put a government warning on every condom packet that states, “CONDOMS MAY FAIL TO PROTECT FROM AIDS AND OTHER SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES.” Pope Benedict XVI is so against condoms this was an issue in the U.S. last year.Is the Pope right on condoms, empirically speaking?

EG: What the! (Chuckles) I think the CBCB are not very much informed about how to use a condom properly. I think they are a good example about the need for a proper sex education.

On a serious note. I understand that the catholic church wants to keep the values and morality of people intact. But honestly we can’t really impose on everyone. Each has a mind of their own, even parents can’t force their kid to do what they don’t want to because free will always prevails.

We should give the people the power of information and resources so they can make their choice and hopefully make the right choice for themselves.

The CBCP should open their eyes. This things happen even before Jesus and we all know it. It was not just as well documented then as it is now. Our eyes are now open with the reality I think its time they open their eyes and their minds as well.

Instead of preventing the government to do its job. They should do their obligation as catholic church with all the funds they have raised ,since churches don’t pay taxes, to create livelihood to help the people busy themselves and do no evil against man and God.

Pope Against Condoms

I am not a health educator or an expert in anything but I do know that condoms can actually help prevent unwanted pregnancies to those who still don’t want to but are sexually active. I would have to agree with the DOH (Department of Health) Secretary’s warning instead that Condoms are 85% effective in protecting you from sexually transmitted disease and 95% effective in preventing pregnancies because that’s an accurate well documented claim that can be backed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

WL:  So you think the CBCP people are using condoms the wrong way huh?

EG: Yup I think so. (Looks at her Facebook account and giggles) Look! Someone just said: “Baka daw kasi malunok!” meaning there’s a possibility that the condom might be swallowed! (WL and EG laughs violently in the room!) (EG takes another peek in her account) OMG someone just said “madulas daw kasi kaya mapanganib” meaning the thing is slippery so its dangerous!

WL:  I think your Facebook friends are as crazy as you. I think we should wrap this thing up before we get naughtier and my program gets an X rating! Thanks so much Ms. Earthlingorgeous for your time again.

EG:  No problem Wacky I missed you! I hope we will have more interview like this !

WL: For those who didn’t know EG and I met when I was still with Vogue more than two years ago and the interview was about how did she became Earthlingorgeous.  You can read all about this interview here myConversartions With A Narcissist .

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  1. hindi parin matapos tapos ang issue na ito. I think people needs to be aware kung ano ba talaga ang benefits na makukuha if you will use condoms.

  2. Ah, i like your post, its humorous but very informative. I guess, it’s time that CBCP should made their reason more reasonable. I mean, yes we are all against abortion and they believe that using condom means getting rid of those precious sperms but hey, let us all remember that the use of condom is one way for a safe sex.
    It is not that i am okay with pre-marital sex or extra marital affair but let us all face it, the only cure for a widespread disease is prevention from spreading it.

  3. Im a full blooded catholic but sorry po sa simbahan, I don’t think there is something wrong in using contraceptives specially nowadays. Ang hirap ng buhay. Mas kasalanan sigurong maituturing kung magkakaroon ka ng isang dosenang anak tapos hindi mo mapapakain ng tama sa oras. & you can never tell couples not to have sex hello its a nature call.
    .-= Kasai´s last blog ..040510: Love Is… in HerWord =-.

  4. In my opinion, nothing in this world is absolute…. the church has their own opinions.. the free world has their own opinions…

    We are all but creatures made by God… and God has given us one gift above all that makes us human freedom to choose.. it has nothing to do with condoms and their so “condoms are dangerous”
    .-= Stonibert Lim´s last blog ..Get a free overnight stay at ONE TAGAYTAY PLACE =-.

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