Under Eye Treatment Products Review

It is said that the eyes are the windows to our soul, there is also a saying that you can tell a person’s age by just looking at their eyes.    Some can tell your age accurately while some could be dead wrong, all because you have under eye dark circles or under eye wrinkles that was caused by lack of sleep because of work or other stresses.

I’ve compiled three different products that can help you minimize if not get rid of your under eye problems.  Included in this under eye treatment products review are the following:

  1. Elianto Firming & Revitalize Eyezone Treatment Patch (Php169.00)
  2. Biotherm Homme High Recharge Yeux Anti Fatigue Cold Eye Serum (US $50.00)
  3. Garnier Light Under Eye Dark Circle Lightening Cream with SPF15 (Php300++)

Elianto Firming & Revitalize Eye Zone Treatment Patch Review

elianto Firming & Revitalize Eye Zone Treatment Patch

Product Information
The Elianto Firming & Revitalize Eye Zone Treatment Patch is a spot treatment for eye zone that helps brightens, hydrates, and improves elasticity around the eye area. It is formulated with firming collagen and pomegranate extract, vitamin E that fights aging signs, diminish fine lines appearance, restore resilience and youthful look to the eye area. The product originates from Korea. One pack contains 12 pairs of eye patch.

How to use according to the package:

elianto eye zone patch

  1. Thoroughly cleanse and dry face
  2. Take out and unfold the eye pad and gently pat on the eye area
  3. Put on for 10-15 minutes and gently peel off slowly from the edges

What I think about it?


me using the elianto Eye Zone Treatment Patch

  • I like the cool and soothing feeling it has while the patch is still on. Something someone with tired and heavy eyes would appreciate.
  • There’s a warm feeling after removing the eye patches, probably because all the stresses are coming out after the cooling it did while it was on.

  • before the elianto firming & revitalizing eye zone treatment patch

  • I noticed a slight difference after 3 consecutive uses as the wrinkle under my eyes became shallower, maybe if I use all 12 there’s a noticeable difference, maybe.
  • after use of elianto revitalizing & firming eye zone treatment patch

  • The price is very affordable.
  • There’s no overpowering smell.
  • The packet is very handy you can bring anywhere and use anytime you want as long as you make sure you have clean face before using.

elianto Firming & Revitalize Eye Zone Treatment Patch 2

  • First I didn’t like the packaging which needs improvement. This is an eye care treatment product and we all know that the eyes and eye area is one of the most sensitive part of the face. I was expecting each pair were individually wrapped but to my disappointed they were packed together in one zip lock pack. The eye patches are very damp and if you don’t have a clipper to separate one patch from the other its very likely you will contaminate the rest of the eye patches or tear them.
  • I didn’t like the gooey sticky feeling it leaves after removing the eye patches.

I have to remind everyone that this product is mainly to diminish under eye wrinkles and fine lines and not for treating eye bags and eye puffiness so I will have to give them a compliment for that as I’ve seen a slight change after 3 uses. If you want something for the eye bags, eye puffiness and dark circles around the eyes elianto has a different product for that.

Biotherm Homme High Recharge Yeux Anti Fatigue Cold Eye Serum Review

Biotherm Homme Anti-Fatigue Cold Eye Serum

Product Information according to the box:
The Biotherm Homme High Recharge Yeux Anti Fatigue Cold Eye Serum has a triple feature smoothing effect, combined with cold sensation roll-on packaging. Specific for tense areas furrowed by fatigue (eyes, temples, lion’s wrinkle, nasolabial folds), for a relaxed, radiant, less, marked face. Even extremely dark circles visible fades away.

How to use:

Biotherm Homme Anti-Fatigue Cold Eye Serum 2

Just roll and glide!


  • It’s like an instant buttocks in a roll-on-pen! It instantly diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • I like the cool and soothing feeling while using it.
  • Its odorless and non-sticky or greasy.
  • Ease of use
  • Handy, you can bring anywhere as long as you make sure the areas you will use the product are very clean.
  • A slight lightening of the dark circles around my eyes.


  • Its too expensive
  • The effect is only temporary.
  • The roll-on-pen container is made of glass so its very fragile.

This product is actually what was imitated by the more popular eye roll-on product (Garnier). The other product was more popular because its affordable and is in a less fragile plastic container.

Garnier Light Under Eye Dark Circle Lightening Cream with SPF 15 Review

Garnier Light Under Eye Dark Circle Lightening Cream

Product information according to the box
This product improves eye contour’s micro-circulation to reduce the appearance of dark circles. The formula contains anti-UVA/UVB filters (SPF15) to protect the fragile eye zone against harmful daily rays and prevent fine lines. It is enriched with pure lemon essence and herbal extract to lighten eye contour and tone down spots. Dark circles and dark spots are less visible, eye contour skin is smoother and more uniform, luminous with healthy glow. Fragrance free, ophtalmologically tested for optimal tolerance on the delicate eye contour.

Garnier Light Under Eye Dark Circle Lightening Cream2

How to use:

  1. Apply around the eye
  2. Massage in circular motion
  3. Tap to stimulate circulation


  • In a convenient and handy tube form.
  • The cream is very delicate on the eyes it doesn’t burn.
  • Fast absorbing .
  • Non-greasy.


  • Its not good to use on a hot and humid weather like we have right now because the cream tend to feel sticky after awhile.
  • I don’t notice any difference when it comes to lightening and reducing eye puffiness or anything like that no wonder most of the Garnier Eye Treatment products can no longer be seen in any official Garnier websites and pages. I think they pulled-out all the products and are just having a sale of what was left from the previous inventory.

When it comes to effectiveness, the Biotherm ranks the highest, when it comes to affordability , I recommend Elianto.  But if you don’t have access to the above products then you can try an ice pack, cold cucumber and a full 8 hours sleep to lessen the stress around your eye area.

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