Is Mosbeau Placenta White Food Supplement Effective?

This is what I will find out in 30 days as I take the challenge to have a fairer, whiter skin.

Witness how Mosbeau Placenta White Food Supplement works  by visibly transforming my tanned, uneven skin, into a fairer, glowing complexion like Angel Locsin! Nyahahaha!

Finally somebody took on the challenge to make me fairer/whiter/lighter. Mosbeau Philippines Inc. and I met last night and they gave me a 500 mg bottle of the latest whitening/lightening  product they are introduced in the Philippines,  the Mosbeau Placental White which Angel Locsin is endorsing. By the way, Angel Locsin will have a new commercial endorsing this product that will make everyone swoon.  Watch out for it!

Mosbeau Placenta White

Mosbeau Placental White is the first whitening supplement with placental protein that actively renews skin cells and prevents melanin production for a revitalized, glowing and fair skin. But more than just white complexion, its anti-aging action with the help of Collagen, visibly firms skin and reduces the unsightly signs of skin aging.

Mosbeau Placental White is BFAD approved.  A 60 tablet bottle cost Php1,340.00 good for 15 days use.  A 120 tablet bottle cost Php2,500.00 good for 30 days use.

Today marks the first day I took a dosage of 4 pills of Mosbeau Placenta White Food Supplement (as recommended) and in 30 days expect Earthlingorgeous to have a fairer, lighter if not whiter soft and suppled skinned me?  Hmmm we will all see.

From this:

To this in 30 days?

My journey to whiter skin begins! Let the countdown begin! Mwahahahahaha!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Ano ba yan kakabili ko plng ng product n ito ,,,nkkadismaya naman mga nababasa ko kung ganyan at pngit din pla bkit bnbnta p nila at nilalabas pa yan,haiiisssst

  2. ano po bang edad na ominom ng placenta white food supplememt pwede ba po sa mga lalaki ???
    please answer me?”””–

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