Skin Food Honey Lip Treatment Review

My lips is getting terribly chappy and dry lately. I was looking for my chapsticks and lipbalm but it looked liked I ran out of them already. I found this Skin Food Honey Lip Treatment from her skin care and cosmetics stash from her short trip to Korea a few weeks ago and I decided to give it a try!

Product Info
The Skin Food Honey Lip Treatment is a lip treatment get containing more than 50% natural honey to provide moisture and luster to dry lips.


To use
Apply sufficient amount when lips feels dry or before going to bed

Product Shots


What I think of it?

  • I love the taste! It is so edible taste like honey yummy!
  • It taste, looks and feels like honey so it is kinda sticky when you leave it alone on your lips. But it is not that sticky at all when you lick it yum!
  • It is easily removed by licking it off! Haha!
  • Aside from the yummy honey it is indeed moisturizing my lips feels softer less chapped after an overnight of use.

Do I recommend the SkinFood Honey Lip Treatment?
Definitely! Super delicious honey tasting lip treatment haha!


How about you, have you tried this lip treatment before?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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