Gorgeous Finds: Best Ever Cream Silk Conditioner Review

When it comes to hair conditioner there’s only one brand I use and that is Cream Silk.  There’s not much to say here because I bet most of you have tried and tested this product and can attest to its effectiveness.

Just when we though Cream Silk won’t get any better than it already is they’ve come up with the Best Ever Cream Silk Conditioner .  Its simply the best ever hands down to that.

The Best Ever Cream Silk Conditioner range (Php97.00 per 100ml bottle)

Best Ever Cream Silk range

Cream Silk reCharge Strength Boost Conditioner, Cream Silk reShape Standout Straight Conditioner, Cream Silk reShape Volume Up Conditioner,
Cream Silk reConstruct Damage Control Conditioner, Cream Silk reIgnite Brilliant Black Conditioner, and Cream Silk reGenerate Dandruff-Free Conditioner

What I think about the product:

For those who have a problem with hair fall, Cream Silk reCharge Strength Boost Conditioner will help you suffer less hair fall.

Those who wanted a less wavy hair effect try Cream Silk reShape Standout Straight Conditioner which promises you straighter hair after wash.>
This is actually one of my favorites and it really works!

If your suffering from flat hair syndrome genes or treatment induced, Cream Silk reShape Volume Up Conditioner will allow you to get more volume on your hair.

Those who frequently color their hair or have those damaging hair treatments like rebond and relax Cream Silk reConstruct Damage Control Conditioner can helps repair your damaged hair and protect your hair  for further damage.

Another of my favorites is the Cream Silk reIgnite Brilliant Black Conditioner.  When my black hair lacks luster I use this and it makes my hair super shiny black hair effect.

For those suffering from dandruff, finally a conditioner that caters to that problem the Cream Silk reGenerate Dandruff-Free Conditioner which helps you rid of your dandruff for good.

Have you tried the best ever Cream Silk conditioner? Which variant do you use?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Dto aq Jeddah.. .. cream silk gamit q..kahit s pinas p….ntutuwa lng aq kc mga amo at ung mga dalaga nila gusto din nila aq gyahin….

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