Diamonds are a girls bestfriend!

We like the shinning shimmering splendid sparkling diamonds and so when I saw Jewelmer’s 2011 Premiere Collection at an intimate launch at a sit-down lunch at CAV Wine and Cafe yesterday, I was like put in a trance.  I want them! Any of them! Such were the reaction of the selected attendees and even the event host Bianca Valerio who was wearing a Rhet Eala gown .

My favorite was the Buonna Anata necklace

buona annata NL

The Buona Annata collection as worn by the model at the event.

and the Lautitia cocktail ring


I heard this baby is worth more than a car! (I wonder which car!)

one of the cocktail rings from the Buonna Anata collection that can double as an engagement ring.
The Lautitia Cocktail Ring
rosone R
Rosone cocktail ring

I think since Jessica Simpson totally changed the way engagement rings would look like with her sparkling ruby red engagement ring, Jewelmer’s 2011 Premiere Collection of cocktail rings can set the trend for the modern day engagement rings since  it has the diamonds (standard for all engagement rings) and a bonus of gold south sea pearls!

I’m waiting for the price quotation for these magnificent pieces of cocktail rings because I would like to announce an engagement or wedding with myself or I can ask my hunny to buy me one (haha!)

The pendant and the brooch looks gorgeous too!

But then again I’m putting this in my X-mas wish list that can extend to my Birthday wish list.  This wish doesn’t expire until many years to com so any time my dear Santa Claus decides to give any of the fabulous cocktail rings or the fantastic necklace to me is fine!

Santa Baby hurry down the chimney this time!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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