Introductions (New [old] Recruit: LodRose)

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Introductions (New [old] Recruit: LodRose)

I’m Earth’s elder sister.

While Earth was doing number two this morning, I asked her to give me a login and just now to give me contributing rights to her blog. Then I twiddled my thumbs and here i am 🙂

I’ve assisted laying the outlines for the traumatic Air Philippines incident. I am also sampling the goodies that come her way, even attend some of her events. But I’ve long been in the sidelines sharing my thoughts, ideas and comments for some of Earth’s posts and long term plans for the blog. When I woke up this morning with all my day job, school work and other projects, I had thought blogging for her officially would be a sensible first step on taking this blog and my writing addiction to the next level.

You can find out more about me through my very own about page ( but please watch out for me from hereon as I will make this my blogging home squatting at my sister’s domain (it is a given that she’ll have me heeheehee). That other site will remain up but serve as my catch-all in case I need to spit out stuff that will not contribute here anyway.

I’m thrilled and look forward to picking everyone’s brains out.  I’ll be writing mostly about:

– Business
– Technology
– Travel, Tourism & Culture
– Advocacies, Volunteering & Philantrophy
– Overseas Filipino Workers and Local Communities


(Earthlingorgeous Note: There you go my sister bullied me into making her part of my blog and hopefully she will post lots about the things she mentioned above.  She writes well than me too, and I need someone who can blog for me when I’m busy hahaha!  Now I have someone who will do it for free!  Awesome!  Stay gorgeous everyone!)

Geek: Groks 4 Business Systems & Impact Projects on Art+Adventure+Sustainability ~DABBLER~ Cheerleader/Attack Dog ~ Mahaders =)

6 thoughts on “Introductions (New [old] Recruit: LodRose)

  1. wow!!! that’s great Earth, di ka na magworry sa backlogs pag busy ka hehehe. Hello and Welcome to the blogging world, Lodrose. 😀

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