Thinking Of You Eau de Parfum by Mary Kay

I got this cutesy patootsey perfume as a Christmas gift from my friends at Mary Kay, its called Thinking of You Eau de Parfum that has a sweet vanilla like scent.

Thinking of You Eau de Parfum

I love its petite rounded bottle body fits right in my hands.  The cute carton lid opens up and you can write personal notes on it.

Thinking Of YouThinking of You by Mary Kay
I also adore the little charm attached to it, its detachable and can be used as cellphone charm, bracelet charm or as a pendant.

Thinking of You will be available for purchase beginning February 2011 and sold at Php2,100.00 each.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

3 thoughts on “Thinking Of You Eau de Parfum by Mary Kay

  1. @ Bea I know I love the charm too its super cute the entire packaging is cute… no wonder the scent is sweet!

  2. Ay ang cute!! I like that locket-looking thingie. Oh and my sis and I should be ordering from Mary Kay…we loved their oil-control cream of sorts.

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