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How To Plan A Cheap/Inexpensive Out-Of-The-Country Trip

Some are willing to spend their life savings just to travel and go on an out-of-the-country trip except me.   I’m one of those penny-pinchers who will do anything to save so I can spend my money for something else.   I’m being practical.  I thank those cheap airline fares , cheap hotel bookings,  and airline airfare sales  that I can avail to  online without even having to reveal my credit card information.

There’s so many means to save for your trip expenses, there are lots of cheap airfare, cheap hotels, cheap tours, cheap food, you just have to know where to find them and find the good ones.  Cheap is not a bad word you know.   There are cheap deals that are really amazing and I’ve learned how spot a good deal being a frequent traveler and a penny-pincher!

I only spent less than Php17,000s on a 4day/4night  trip to Malaysia en route Singapore by doing the following:

  • To avail of a cheap airfare try to book a flight months earlier prior to your trip this will save you a lot of money and you’ll be glad you did.
  • Sign-up on airline sales advisor to get alerted right away on upcoming seat sales. Cebu Pacific is my favorite for cheap air fare bookings.  The cheapest airfare I got on a sale was Php1.20 (one peso and twenty cents!)
  • Book a your hotel online .  I use Agoda whenever I have a trip they have available hotels anywhere in the world .  The pictures and reviews posted in the website are all honest and true based on the customer experience so you should check them out if your planning an out-of-the-country holiday.  Did I say the rates are amazingly low!

Presscott Inn Hotel Kuala Lumpur

  • Avail of a cheap cross-country trip on land via Bus Online Ticket.  They have trips to Malaysia, Singapore, Taipei, Indonesia and Thailand depending on your departure  point.

StarMart Bus from KL to Singapore

  • Pack some light food when you travel abroad like cup noodles, cereals, cookies, candies or biscuit. This is very handy especially if you are not sure about the food in the country or hotel you will be staying .    Don’t avail of the breakfast and just bring some noodles and cereals, bread and spreads,  (if you are used to eat such in the morning) with you in your luggage you can check them in anyway just don’t use the Go Lite to have baggage allowance.  Or avail of the hotel with breakfast included eat heavy breakfast and eat your packed food for lunch or dinner as the case maybe.
  • Cheap tours.  Always avail of the 1 day city tour to familiarize yourself with the place you are visiting.  Never ever avail of package tours because they always follow a schedule, are always expensive,  and you usually don’t get to enjoy the food or the places you really want to visit but what’s on the itinerary only.  It is best to do a DIY tour!

Hop On Hop Off Double Decker Bus City Tour KL

  • Use an online account that you can use for your online hotel bookings and airline airfare purchases .   I used to be afraid of booking online because I don’t want to reveal my credit card information and all personal information.  But now that I have Paypal I don’t need to worry about my important information being leaked anywhere and I don’t need to pin my credit card information at any online merchants that accepts Paypal payments. Agoda and Bus Online Ticket accepts Paypal payment so I was able to pay my trip in advanced and there were no hassle at all when I come to redeem the services I purchased.

Do you have any other tips to save money when traveling abroad?  Shout it out here!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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