A #SmartHeroes Batman v Superman Flyoff Adventure + My Experience

#SmartHeroes When your boyfriend is Batman but you want to fly like Superman this is the kind of date you will experience…

A helicopter ride with sunrise and sunset view, a lunch cruise on a yacht , a royal spa treat and flying or well kinda like flying adventure and buffet breakfast and dinner at the most prestigious restaurant in town.

This can happen only in your dreams right? But Hey, it happened to me, thanks to Smart Communications who took me to an amazing #SmartHeroes Batman v Superman FlyOff Adventure experience , which is a sneak preview of what the winners of Smarts nationwide promo to their subscribers.

SMART Communications gives their subscribers a chance of a lifetime to experience a Batman or Superman adventure by subsribing to the Big Byte 50 , a 350mb internet surfing promo for prepaid subscribers or a top-off subscription for postpaid subscribers.  You can subsribe to this promo by dialing *121# and follow the prompt.   This gives you the chance to cast your vote for Superman or Batman.  All votes will be tallied and a one winner for each #SmartHeroes will be picked randomly to experience a Batman or Superman adventure out-of-the-country!

Why me of all people?

Well, because #IamEarth and I am lucky! (pun intended)

But seriously I get to do the #SmartHeroes Batman v Superman Flyoff Adventure because I was one of the winners at the raffle held during the media launch of the Smart and Warner Bros. partnership at the Smart Jump center in SM Megamall Cyberzone.   Smart picked three winners to experience this adventure.  It was actually Ms. Jane Uymatiao @yogajane who won the adventure , I won an Alcatel One Touch tablet, but just right after the announcement of winners, Ms. Jane asked me if I would like to switch prizes because March 5, the day of the adventure tour was her youngest son’s birthday and their family made plans for the day already.   Of course, I did not hesitate, how can I refuse a flyoff once-in-a-lifetime experience!   I will trade off any material stuff for an experience of a lifetime!


So yeah, March  5, call time is 6AM at our meet-up place.  I was totally clueless about the entire activity.  All I know is that it involves a helicopter ride, which I am so excited to try out for the longest time!
We were reminded to bring extra clothes, and a footwear that is alright to get wet. The outfit reminder makes the trip sound exciting already!

We met at New World Hotel for a quick breakfast where our Batman v Superman mobile (haha) Prada was our service that took us to the PLDT Hangar where we will take our helicopter ride.

Before riding, we had a short briefing with our pilots Capt. Noel and Capt. Bong (PLDT has a company policy to fly with two pilots) who gave us some reminders about the flight and how long it will take and what to expect.


After that we boarded the chopper! It was just the five passengers, Me, Karina (who also substituted for her husband Ian) and Sol (the other winners at the media launch) and Ben from Smart and Erick our videographer.

Manila to Subic helicopter ride is about 20-30 minutes. The weather was pleasant and everyting was working in our favor.

We landed at Subic Internatinal Airport and head straight to have our Buffet Breakfast at The Lighthouse. After heavy breakfast we head to Subic Treetop Adventure where we tried to fly like Superman but miserably failed at it!
Treetop’s Superman Zipline was super scary its not the usual zipline that goes zoomining straight and back, plu it does not have that carriage on the mid section to support you when you do a superman zipline somewhere else. This one was intense like just resting your legs and hands on a trapeze like tube and hanger that keeps swining sideways! If Superman fly like this OMG! I’m gonna go cursin’ like a villain!

And then I was the only one daring enough to accept the challenge of the Free Fall Tree Drop, no support on hands or feet and just a harness that keeps you floating, and a big drop of 60feet from the top! I even yelled why am I doing this! That was the scariest seconds of my life!


#SmartHeroes Batman v Superman flyoff adventure

and then off we go to Subic Bay Yacht Club where our Yacht was waiting for us for a lunch cruise.  Lunch was also heavy soup, salad, pasta, main course, desserts and so we cruised with full tummy all the while! It was all good!

After the cruise we were treated to a Royal Massage treatment at the Subic Bay Yacht Club. The massage was amazing, I felt like there were eight hands massaging me, it was one of the best massages I had !

By 5PM we went back to the Subic International Airport where our helicopter ride was waiting for us. And so we fly at almost sunset and the view was breathtaking!

Watch it here:

After landing in Manila, we were taken to Sofitel to have dinner at Spiral. We were so full that we finished dinner about 9PM and then our #SMartHeroes Batman v Superman mobile brought us home.

Thank you SMART for everything, you made me feel like Wonderwoman!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released worldwide in 2D, 3D and select IMAX cinemas beginning March 25,2016, released by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. Batman/Bruce Wayne is played by Ben Affleck, Superman/Clark Kent is portrayed by Henry Cavill, movie is directed by Zack Snyder.
For more information on Smart’s exclusive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice offer, visit www.smart.com.ph/batmanvsupeman and follow Smart’s official accounts on social media @LiveSmart on Twitter and Instagram.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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