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My First Sailing Experience @ Taal Lake Yacht Club

I’m not a good swimmer and somehow water deeper than 4 feet terrifies me.  I was hesitant at first but after a couple of questions from the “sail masters” of Taal Lake Yacht Club I was convinced to try it.



Sailing is one of the best water sports I’ve ever tried in my life ever and I’m glad I got the courage to jump in that sail boat even if I knew the water we will be sailing on is 100 to 150 meters deep. The water was as black as night.

It was windy and the waves are mild to strong, I’m glad we had a good “sail master” Kuya Boyet, to guide us, we had a smooth sail on my first ride.  It was awesome.

I didn’t care if the water hit me on the face and I was getting very wet, the waves and wind were kinda in sync of wanting to get me and all of us soaked.   It was soooooooooo much fun.


When we got back to the beach, Kuya Boyet told us, if he was not fast enough to maneuver the sails , the boat would have capsized! OMG! I’m glad he told us after the ride or I would have been so freaking nervous and panicked on the boat!

The next ride was a little more shaky, the winds were much stronger so was the waves, and well I got more courageous riding the race sailing boat!

As we go further and further away from land, the winds and the water seems to have liked me so much that I was the only one getting wet and getting spanked with water!

Sailing at Taal Lake

It was almost sunset and so we were in a hurry to get back as the waves are gaining strength, it was much scarier ride the second time, was much bumpier, much windy and we were going too fast!

But of course we got back safely.

I still can say its fun, with all the adrenaline rush,  I love it!  I will do sailing again in a heart beat.



Thanks AboitizPower and Taal Lake Yacht for letting me experience sailing, a no carbon water sport. Thank you so much!

At Taal Lake Yacht Club


Btw, have you tried sailing before?

If you would like to try sailing Taal Lake Yacht Club is located at Barrio Sta. Maria, Talisay, Batangas (043) 773-0192 or for more information.

Some other things you can do at TLYC is kayaking, boating, and a tour at Taal Volcano.

Oh wait did I tell you? We went sailing with Anton del Rosario of Azkals the Philippine Football Team that’s been making waves lately! Woot!

Anton del Rosario of Azcalz
me and anton

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Oh by the way sis, can you tell how much (initially)? Baka malunod ako sa mahal ha? Hahaha!

  2. Ayun oh! I was fascinated by you gurl, such an adventurous women! You already!

  3. I admire you for trying that. I am not a good swimmer (I always get cramps) so I wouldn’t have tried that. Not unless I was tied to Anton! hahah

  4. marinelle

    hi,i read ur article about ur experience in TLYC,my husband is interested to learn kayaking,i tried to contact the number they gave in their site but i cant reach them..can u help us?thanks in advance…Godbless

  5. That’s a great experience and reading your post about this makes me want to try it. Hehehehe….The photos are pretty.

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