How Many Jawbreaker Did I Break? Total Care Challenge (Week 4)

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How Many Jawbreaker Did I Break? Total Care Challenge (Week 4)


Kids and adults do not try this unless you are sure your teeth are strong and healthy.

I’m nearing the 5th week of the Listerine Total Care challenge and I must say I am very happy with the result.  For week four we were challenged to break as many jawbreakers as we can in a minute so we can test and prove to ourselves how Listerine Total Care Mouthwash can also help make teeth stronger.


Off I go to the candystore Nuts About Candy in Trinoma:

and got me Php90.00 worth of small jawbreakers, nope I can’t fit that large egg-size jawbreaker in my mouth, sorry! LOLZ!

These things are hard as marbles! I shared it with my movie blogger friends during the Mr. Poppers Penguins screening and one said “how could anyone possibly break this thing!”

Well, I would have to agree, these things are as hard as marbles, in fact they look like marbles! It like biting onto electric grills!

I was able to break two marbles, I mean jawbreakers in less than two hours. It took 50 minutes to break one.


You need to get the jawbreakers this small before you can break it and its a sweet and sour surprise!

This was a very difficult challenge to do because if you have sensitive teeth you will feel pain trying to bite into this thing what more try to break it. But because Listerine Total Care Mouthwash helps strengthen teeth against decay I wasn’t worried about hurting myself trying.

So, take my warning seriously, DO NOT TRY THIS unless you have strong and healthy teeth and mouth!

Have you ever crushed a jawbreaker in less than an hour?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Here’s the links to week 1-3 of the challenge:


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4 thoughts on “How Many Jawbreaker Did I Break? Total Care Challenge (Week 4)

  1. Wow i can’t believe you did it in less than an hour, it usually takes me a whole day to go through one

  2. Such a lovely things to take part in starting challege.Thanks so much for your sharing

  3. @ edel oo sobrang hirap! pagmahina teeth and gums or sensitive teeth masakit daw ito sabi ng mga pina-try ko hahaha! Good luck! Kaya mo yan naka total care ka naman eh 🙂

  4. gosh, i have yet to do the challenge, hirap pala ma-break talaga…takot ako. will do this thing tomorrow. haha. 🙂

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