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There’s always a couple of things to be careful about when buying jewelries online.  You’ll never know if the item they’re gonna send you are authentic or not.

So its always best to choose an online jewelry store that gives good guarantees and benefits to its customer like money back guarantees, layaway plans, free shipping, and customer security programs.

I was browsing around for a nice piece of jewelry for my fiance (he likes jewelry more than I do, and I don’t buy my jewelries they are all gift lolz) when I found my way at .   I was amazed by the number of jewelry designs and selection they have.  They have rings, bracelets, pendants and chains in different make.  With gems stones or diamonds, white gold, gold or silver, or anything you wish.

I love that I can shop with a 30 day money back guarantee.  That all items comes with lots of product shots and videos.  That I can pay via Paypal or  avail of a layaway payment plan too.

I just did not understand what the appraisal for items worth $500 is all about, does that mean that the jewelries in there are not appraised yet and just estimate worth/value?  I hope not.

Anyway, I was looking for a ring for Jeff and he specifically likes a star sapphire set in white gold or silver. I found a couple of nice rings but most are designed for ladies haha!  Good thing is I found out the Povada customizes jewelries too so maybe they can modify the designs I found.

He can choose between these masculine kinda designs I found:

or this

and this

Most of them are around $180 – $1,980 with free shipping, gift box and free rezising 30 day money back guarantee, free appraisal and can be paid via Paypal or avail of the payment system. Cool eh?

What? You think only men can give rings or should give rings? What do you think about the ring Abin Sur gave to Hal Jordan at the Green Lantern movie then?

Okay, this one is not for him, this is my type haha! Simple, elegant and pretty eh?

I also love this convertible ring/ pendant, super simple, cute and unique retails at $980.00

Check the site out and I’m sure you will be enchanted with the many beautiful shiny things in there.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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