My Online Food Ordering/Delivery Experience

UPDATE as of August 9, 2014

I’ve been an avid customer of online food ordering since I’ve tried it. For someone who has been juggling one too many things at a time, ordering online for food is so convenient, except at times when the order did not come on time, or when the food chain I tried ordering too is offline or having technical problems.

Just like what happened to Jollibee Online Delivery this Friday, August 8, 2014 where their online ordering system went down for a system upgrade! I though it was nothing major until this #ChickenSad trended on Twitter and I saw a lot about it on my timeline. Because apparently Jollibee had a problem with their chicken delivery or something that they had to shut down 72 stores because they don’t have chicken for their best seller Chicken Joy. The Chicken Sad thing was an online marketing of KFC Chicken their competitor here in the Philippines.
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  1. I love reading about your blog. Specially when you mentioned that Shakey’s accept payments through Paypal. 😀

  2. maybe u should refresh ur browser? kasi i got the confirmation email when I ordered

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