Win A Father’s Day Treat For Your Dad (or Hubby)

I think its great that cosmetics and skin care companies now think of the male market especially this Father’s Day I’ve seen so many men’s skin care products being launched here and there. I applaud the move because men have secretly wished for products that is specifically made for them (so they don’t have to sneak in their women’s vanity) so they can also have nice skin.

Mary Kay Philippines, is one of the beauty companies in the world who went on this direction and is introducing two new products to their men’s skin care line—the MKMen Cleanser and MKMen Toner and the best part is, you can get this for free, along with an MKMen Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 25!

Here’s the instruction on how you can win a Father’s Day treat for your dad from Mary Kay:

I’m sure your dad (or husband) will appreciate getting something different this Father’s Day. Win this for him?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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