On June 12, 2011 we will again commemorate our Philippine Independence Day and on July 19, 2011 we will celebrate Jose Rizal, our National Heroes 150th birthday.  The Philippine flags are strategically placed everywhere and Jose Rizal’s image are practically every where again.

Here’s one thing you can do to celebrate our milestones support Philippine craftsmanship, drop by a Kultura Filipino shop and buy something in there, all items in there are Philippine/Filipino made, albeit most investors in making them are foreign.  Be a Fashionalista!

Here are some of my gorgeous  fashionalista finds at Kultura Filipino during the celebration of the anniversary of Crafts for a Cause and arrival of their new collections.

Lust-worthy big necklaces!
Bib Necklaces

Amazingly crafted purses and handbags made of recycled soda-can pull tabs.
Beautifully made Yukele and Guitars!

Very Filipino recyclable shopping bags!
Pinoy Pride recyclable shopping bags

Admireable Men’s Polo Shirt
Mens Polo

Flip-flops and Sandals they look durable and designs are comparable to the imported expensive ones. They remind me of Spartan because of its durability!
Flip Flops
Ladies dresses!
ladies formal dresses

Check this slides out to view more items from Kultura Filipino and experience a virtual window-shopping!


So, have you find something you fancy?  See you at Kultura Filipino and lets all be Fashionalista! Oh there’s an Independence Day Sale ongoing now at all SM Malls from June 10 to June 12, 2011!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Author

    I think they did it to reach the international market 🙂 they are actually the ones patronizing our Philippine made products such a pity really

  2. Author

    @Dasi there’s so many nice bib necklace in there check out the slides I made lotsa pretty ones!
    @Jinkee I’m still thinking if I’ll buy that one or the other’s from the collection mejo expensive pero I think justified ang price coz their semi-precious stones and beautifully crafted sya Price range Php1,500-2,500! Uhoh

    Although I bough a very nice one too Php150 lang sya made of drift wood naman 🙂 hehe

  3. I can’t over that necklace, how gorgeous! I’m imagining it with a flowing white long summer dress, just magnificent.

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