My L’Oreal INOA & Pureology Experience @ Frank Provost Studio

When I heard about INOA, the no ammonia hair color that was recently launched by L’Oreal,  I was so excited to try it.  So, when  L’Oreal invited me to try INOA & Pureology at Frank Provost Studio I started my countdown to my last few days of being brunette to a scarlet.

I shy away from coloring my hair because I hated the smell of ammonia, it gives me headaches and gives me upset stomach.  INOA promises of rich hair color that is long lasting and shiny without the inconvenience of the ammonia, so I went to give it a try.


Frank Provost studio is located at Shop H, Net Quad Bldg across St. Lukes Hospital at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.  I was surprised that they don’t charge much as I though they would.  They are less expensive than the other salons I go to.

What you see from the photos above is L’Oreal INOA at work. I tried the hair coloring treatment using L’Oreal INOA at Frank Provost with Shen and Jane .  It was amazing because its odorless.  As a proof of how nose friendly INOA was food and drinks were being served around while we were having the treatment.

Frank Provost, INOA and Pureology experience
After doing the hair coloring, the L’Oreal Pureology treatment was applied. We started at 2:30ish PM and we were done by 5PMish.

Tada! From stubborn black to scarlet/auburn.

Not so obvious from those pics but kinda obvious in this one.

58210_148950228470295_100000659564165_273970_7630043_n (1)

Trivia! I just read this Redheads make red-hot lovers, or so the stereotype goes. One thing’s for sure: They get a lot more action, according to one study. This might be due to a self-fulfilling prophecy since red is associated with fire, and fire is associated with passion.  Something others are eager to try: Recent Clairol research shows nearly 40 percent of people said they’d go scarlet for a day if they could.

Interesting … hmmm…

Do I recommend L’Oreal INOA hair color treatment?

A resounding yes!

I thought INOA would leave my hair dull and dry but it didn’t so INOA is definitely the hair color of the future, no annoying smell, no ammonia, just fabulous  lustrous hair color you want.

If you were to change your natural hair color what color would you choose and why?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. hi Jayjay yes it covers gray and since its amonia less color you can use it with another treatment but ask the stylist to be sure

  2. Does it cover gray hair? And is it alright to use it on rebonded hair also by l’oreal extenso?

  3. Hi Kim, I got the treatment for free, L’Oreal and Frank Provost wanted me to try Inoa and Pureology at their salon 🙂

    When we did the treatment they still don’t have a price for the treatment coz its fairly new, I think its somewhere around Php2,000 up

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