Who would have thought that a simple mouthwash can help me achieve an absolutely healthy mouth?

When Listerine invited me to join in the Bloggers Listerine Total Care Challenge, I had an okay mouth, I don’t have extremely bad breath and my teeth is not really that yellow.  I was actually due my teeth cleaning then so I was expecting some calcular/tartar/plaque deposit already.

I intentionally did not visit my dentist to have my teeth cleaned (oral prophylaxis) because I want to see what Listerine Total Care Mouthwash can do to my mouth!



Lo and behold!

After six weeks with Listerine and regular brushing and occasional flossing (mind you, I miss out on brushing and flossing sometimes and just rinse with the mouthwash! hehe!)

Earth results

  • 80% plaque reduction
  • 37% decrease in tartar
  • 97% less gum bleeding
  • 100% bad breath free!

Even the dentist was surprised to see the result of my oral health as she was checking my mouth that she had to say :  “OMG! This thing really works!” “Your teeth look really nice! Ang galing!”


Yeah she had to pause for a bit to tell the other dentist in the house taking our pic that she is so amazed with the result. She said I was the first among the bloggers to have my teeth checked after the challenge and she was so surprised how effective Listerine Total Care Mouthwash is. She also checked Drew Arellano and was surprised by the result he got!


I would like to show you my before and after teeth pics too!


my problematic teeth :p



My teeth are so nice I can show you an even bigger photo!

You can actually see the difference by just looking at those photos!

Aside from having tartar less teeth and having a long lasting fresh breath, I also notice my gums are pinker than before!

Do I recommend Listerine Total Care Mouthwash?
Absolutely!   Don’t even think twice.  If I were you I’d immediately  go to my dentist (Villareal Dental Clinic is awesome) have a pre-dental health check-up like the one I had before I started with the BFR  habit with  Listerine Total Care Mouthwash and start using this mouthwash so you too can have an absolutely healthy mouth like I have now!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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P.S. I’ll send out the  Listerine gift pack to my winners soon!


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