The Bag For All Occasions: Belo Speedy Bag

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The Bag For All Occasions: Belo Speedy Bag

The more I use this bag the more I’m loving it. I’ve been using it in three occasions already. Keeping my clothes toned down to compliment the already attention catching handbag I’m carrying.

Handbag for all occasions: The Belo Speedy Bag

Belo Speedy Bag

Belo Speedy bag trivia: “by giving us this bag Belo contributed to the World partners program and Metro Ministries. World Patrners Program help finance church planting missionaries, outreach and relief efforts in the nations of the world. Metro Ministries rescue of street children” !

What a nice handbag inside and out!  What’s great is only a few of us own this bag! Thanks Dra. Vicky Belo !


Occasion 1: Dinner with the Listerine Total Care Family

Listerine Total Care Family
Listerine Total Care Dinner
Ruffled Sleeveles top from Pink Soda
Wide legged pants from Forever 21
Shoes: Black wedge from Janilyn
Necklace: Kultura Filipino

Occasion 2: Cortal SQR launch with the Philippine Azkals

with the Phil Azkals


Brown jumpsuit from Tomato
Leopard Wedge Heels from Janeo
Leopard pendant from Chocolate

Occasion 3: MDC1000 meet with Ms. PR Asia Joyce Ramirez, BonChon Chicken and the Food Adventure at Venize Piazza

Black Zipper Down Dress my sis got from an Ukay-ukay
Strappy sandals from Ohrelle
Braided belt from Promod


Stay gorgeous everyone!

Some photos were grabbed from Listerine Philippines and ShopgirlJen

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3 thoughts on “The Bag For All Occasions: Belo Speedy Bag

  1. i loooooooove the bag!!! i want!!!! its bagay to my project prettify me diba??? haha 🙂 oh and…i so want to be a belo-fy my beauty regimen mmwahaha.

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